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April 16, 2005 Update

Welcome back to another edition of updates!  Hope you all survived Tax Day yesterday. . . for us, it was pretty taxing too!  Sorry for missing last week, but we just really didn't have much to say!  But this week, some new things have unfolded.  Starting off with the biggest news first.

As many of you that have talked to me in the past know,  I have always mentioned a person that says he can do the setup for the Man A Fre intakes.  Well, after much delay, I have finally contacted my guy f or this job.  So here's the news that you've all been waiting for.  My friend's name is Bart Mckeown, and he is the owner of a business called Hot Rod Carburetion. This week when I talked to Bart, I told him that we here at Project THX138 are going to start producing the Man A Fre's again.  This excited Bart to no end, as Bart is the Man A Fre Guru!  So, we here at Project THX138 want Bart to do our setups, and everyone out there who has a Man A Fre setup.  Bart stated that he is very excited about taking on these jobs.  So, if you have a Man A Fre, and you have been told that they are hard to set, or basically, "pieces of shit", Bart will prove everyone wrong.  So all you have to do, is send your intake and carbs to Bart.  And when it comes back, just bolt it on and drive. Now, everyone will have to get a hold of Bart to find out how much this will be.  Basically, the prices will vary depending upon the complexity of your setup.  This means if you have to have your carbs rebuilt, you need linkage, etc. etc. etc.  So, without any further ado, here is Bart's address and shop number:

Hot Rod Carburetion
208 S. Main
Holden, MO 64040
(816) 732-5566

Now, for those of you trying to call Bart, at the present time he is very hard to get a hold of, because the shop has moved to a new location, and they are in the process of set-up.  Bart said, theoretically, he would not be able to start on anyone's setup for about 2-3 weeks, but once he's ready to go, he's ready to go.  I hope you all get a chance to talk to Bart, as he is one hell of a guy, and he definitely knows all about the Man A Fre's.  Bart is the guy who set up Jeff Beck's Graffiti Clone. Jeff Beck, who does all his own work on his cars, was totally amazed that this was shipped from the US to the U.K., and after he just bolted it on, it worked without any flaws.  For those of you who have not seen Jeff Beck's Graffiti Coupe Clone, or have just seen it in the '76 Street Rodder, let me just say that  this car is probably one of the closest clones that you will see - until we get ours out the door! The car that was in the early Street Rodder was in the very early stages of becoming the Graffiti Clone.  I have some photos, and NEXT WEEK, I will be posting them on the Clones page.  We would like to make Jeff Beck an honorary member of our Coupe Club.  I will do my best to get in touch with Mr .Beck.   Mr. Steve Fitch, the first owner of the Original American Graffiti Coupe, will also be an honorary member!

Here's an update for all Graffiti Coupe Club Members.  We are now 10 strong in our club as of today!  And to let you all know, we have went ahead and sent out your dvd of the original coupe / 2 other clones in today's mail.  These were shipped by Priority Mail, so you should be receiving them early next week.  We here at Project THX138 are trying to think of a cool name for our car club, but we have not been able to think of a name.  We are asking you, our members, to help us think of a name.  Right now, the only thing we have is "Milner's Maniacs", but we just don't know if this is fitting or not.  So, please email us with what you think the name should be.  Remember, this is YOUR club! How many other clubs have you joined where you got to help pick the name?  We can't get your personalized membership cards to you until we have a name for our club, so get those ideas rolling in!!  For those of you who are not members, the time is drawing near for the price to increase to $50, so if you want to join today for $35 - get your check to us SOOOOON!!!  Because as of June 1, the membership fee jumps to $50.  Also, another update for club members, we have just gotten a hold of a company that will be selling us our garage shirts; so I need everyone that has sent in their membership dues to email me your shirt size "Small - 5X".  These will be a long sleeve garage shirt.  The color will be a dusty blue.  After we receive the shirts, the process will begin to get the RAY'S AUTOMOTIVE patch on the right side, and the MILNER patch on the left side.  These shirts will be available to non-members also, at the price of $55.  Now, remember, these shirts will probably not be mailed out to you until mid-summer - but you WILL get them, we're just a little slow around here with everything that's going on! 

We have had a TON of people who LOVE our site!!  If you think that this site is the "Holy Grail" of American Graffiti web sites, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  Right now, you will find a lot of general information on what parts go on the Coupe Clone.  As a member, you will actually be getting very detailed information, such as part numbers, where to go to get exactly the right parts, and many many other items of information that is too much to go into here.  This is the stepping stone into the "Promised Land".  You only have a few weeks left to get on board for the low low price of $35, and then your dreams will come true!  Miss the train, and the ticket goes higher!  We know that this is going to be an elite club, and we're not trying to pressure you on anything - but we know that this is a VERY big site, and we want everyone to be a part of a good thing.  When we started this idea, we had no idea how much the freebies you are getting with your membership would cost - due to this cost, we have to raise the price - but it is, again, well worth it!  Also, after the members site comes online, we will no longer be doing these updates for non-members.  So if you want to stay on top of all the latest and greatest info, photos, and other trivia, join today!

Also coming up for sale in the very near future will be the 100% correct American Graffiti front cycle fender.  The fenders themselves are stainless steel, and will be bolt-on ready (except for paint).   

There are some new pictures in our Clones section of Kevin's Graffiti Coupe at a car show along with Candy Clark and Bo Hopkins.  We have also added pictures of Herman's Graffiti Coupe being built, along with his summary.  We still need pictures of any Graffiti Clones that are out there - not just the '32 Coupe!! 

This week, I made contact with Big Daddy of the Pharoas.  I had been turned on to a web site advertising the Original '51 Merc from American Graffiti would be at a car show in Lawrence, KS.  This kind of set my mind rolling, and I couldn't help but get just a little steamed!  A very good friend of mine, it turns out, has located the Original Merc, and, needless to say, it is NOT in any condition to be in a car show at this time!  The Merc that my friend found is still titled in Brian Setzer's name, and has not been kept up at all, but left out in the elements, so, as you can imagine, it is in pretty rough shape.  There is quite a story to this car, but I am not going to go into it here.  As a point of fact, Bo Hopkins has flown out to where this car is, and has personally verified that it is, indeed, the TRUE Merc from American Graffiti.  My friend is currently trying to buy this car, which is why I am not saying any more than I already have.  But, rest assured, when the time comes, you will get the full story, and access to pictures that will verify it's authenticity beyond all doubt.  Big Daddy feels, as I do, that anyone touting that they have the Original car when they don't is just wrong!  If the owner wanted to say that he had a CLONE of the original, fine.  But nothing pisses me off faster than someone trying to do something like this!  We'll keep you posted on any new developments, and be assured that I WILL be there at the Lawrence show, as it is virtually in my backyard!!  KEEP IT REAL, GUYS!  Having a clone of the original is cool, and as close as many of us will ever get to our dream of owning the original.  Please, please, please - NEVER say it is the Original!


Keep your Dream Alive, and NEVER GIVE UP!!

Happy Hot-Rodding,
The Guys at Project THX138 

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