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Custom Automotive welcomes you to it's online store, sponsored by Project THX 138.  The parts listed below are just a small sample of the line that Custom Automotive offers.  We will be adding more parts, pictures and pricing in the future.  If you are looking for something that you don't see here, please feel free to contact Brad for more information.  This store will be changing as more product photos and pricings become available. 

Thanks for looking, and Brad looks forward to doing business with you.

 Grill shells

Grill shell inserts - made in u.s.a.


stock shell with stock chrome package
$ 415.00

stock steel insert (not stainless)
$ 375.00

stock shell w/ chrome package w/ stock insert
$ 790.00

plain stock shell
# 295.00

Stainless insert w/out crank hole
$ 375.00

plain stock shell w/
stainless insert w/out crank hole
$ 670.00

filled shell
$ 275.00


4 inch chopped stainless insert
w/ out crank hole
$ 375.00

All shells are metal.  If they are stock, they have the crank hole
cutouts, and the top is not filled.  If it is a filled shell, these do
not have the crank hole cut out.

All inserts are stainless, except for the stock insert, which is
plain steel.
All inserts can be purchased in either stock height,
or the following  chopped heights:

2 1/2 inch chop
4 inch chop
6 inch chop

All chopped grill inserts listed above are without crank holes.

All inserts are made in the Dales Manufacturing Company
in Oklahoma

All grill shells are stock height.
All grill shells are imported by Vintique, Inc.

These are the same grills and inserts that Project THX 138 endorses,
and use on their American Graffiti Coupes.  These have been
compared next to the original '32 Ford shell and insert,
and are by fare the best on the market that money can buy.

Project thx 138 certified as American Graffiti Correct
8-Gauge Dash Panels

Price:  $185
Shipping / Handling:  $10
Kansas residents add 7.85% sales tax ($12.56)

Project THX138 Member Price: $160*
* Membership will be verified by Mr. Dougan prior to giving discount price

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