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December 2, 2005 Update

Here we are so close to Christmas, which means the weather is getting bad and we're all short on money.  But does that stop us from building America's favorite hot-rod?  Hell No!  I think we're just a little too damn stupid to figure it out.  This month's update is not that big.  Basically we will just be talking about some of the things we have  been working on.  Coming up in about 2 weeks we will have the K-Member brace for everybody doing their Coupe 100%.  This brace is used beneath the K-Member and is used as added support.  The reason this brace has to or must be used is because you will have to cut your K-Member considerably, which leaves no support.  In fact, the only support on the K-Member is the very small piece that your wishbone hooks in to.  This brace was designed by our partner and very good friend Doug Bjorn (as I have stated in previous updates, Doug is one hell of a fabricator).  This piece matches John Milner's 100% all the way.  This brace will be sold for $75.

Next, the ever so popular front fenders.  What we are going to do on this very important piece is have everybody hat wants a set fill out a form.  The reason this is being done is so we know how many fenders to order and which ones to make.  The fenders will be done in different ways, from the way they were in the movie to the way they are no, with or without brackets, or kits to build your own.  TAKE TO HEART:  THE FENDERS THAT ARE COMPLETELY DONE WITH BRACKETS INSTALLED ARE MADE TO FIT THE E78-14 TIRES!  IF YOU ARE RUNNING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, WE HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BUY THE KIT AND BUILD YOUR OWN TO ENSURE A PROPER FIT.  YES, THESE FENDERS WILL COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS.  FOR THOSE OF YOU RUNNING DISC BRAKES AND NEEDING FRONT FENDERS, I HIGHLY SUGGEST BUYING JUST THE FENDERS THEMSELVES AND MAKING YOUR OWN BRACKET TO FIT YOUR FRONT DISC BRAKE SETUP.  So, with all this being said, fill out your form and email it to us.  Send no money at this time, as we will ask for your money when we have the fenders complete and ready to ship. 

Next on the agenda, is the Man-A-Fre intake system.  We did not get enough orders to do these, so they are being put to rest.  Sorry, but we have way too many other projects to keep screwing around with such an expensive project.  Maybe some day, somewhere down the line, we may attempt this again - but at the present time in the very near future, it is out of the question. 

Traction bars.  For those who have ordered the traction bar sets, we have not forgotten you.  In fact, we will be doing them here very soon.  To have a very good idea on what they are going to look like under your car, click here to view Project THX's first build's chassis set up with the traction bars.  Take to heart that the traction bar setup on Project THX's first build's chassis is not 100% complete.  There are still a few more brackets to install to be just like Milner's, but we wanted to get pictures of this while the weather was good.  As you will probably notice in some of the pictures, it looks like the rear brackets may be leaning or may be bent.  This is not the case.  This is because of my spot welds breaking.  Let me put it to you this way.  It is very, very difficult to weld on the brackets with the body sitting on the chassis.  So, my spot welds were not the best.  Welding on the chassis will be much easier now that I have sold my '32 body, which was used in all of Project THX's first build's mock-up photos.  It is looking like sometime at the beginning of next year, I will be getting a New Age Motorsport Body, so I really can't wait to get into the early part of next year!  My goal for 2006 is to have my coupe done before the Back to the '50's in Minnesota.  So, time is a tickin.  I have to complete Project THX's first build's chassis first, and them I'm diving straight into mine.  So much for my 2 month vacation!

A quick note, we have added some new pictures of the original coupe to our Original Coupe Photos page.  So, you might want to check them out.  Also, click here to view all the correct gauges that are used in the original Coupe.  The only gauge missing is the speedometer.  As we are still having a hell of a time trying to figure out what this little bastard is.  I have even talked to Big Daddy Don Garlitz, hoping he would know what this speedo is, since he is a big big time hot rodder.  And, as usual, no dice!  But, at least I got to talk to Big Daddy!  So, we will keep working on trying to locate one of these speedo's for everyone to see.  I was told be my good friend Herman Schiller that there is a very good picture of it in the movie The California Kid, and also a very important note - Herman's car should be rolling down the street by Christmas!  So now another member of the Mafia is going to be on the road.  Way to go, Herman!

We have recently just found at that the Coupe will be appearing at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on January 13, 14, and 15.  On hand will be Paul LeMat, Cindy Williams, Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark, along with the '55 and, of course, the Original Coupe.  I (Rick) should be there at that event.  You will see me at the American Graffiti booth.  I am not a guest, I will just be hanging out there!  Hope to see some of our members.

We will be doing a quick update as soon as we get the K-Member brackets back from the shop.  So, until then, keep her between the white lines, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Your friends at Project THX 138

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