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December 30, 2005 Update

Greetings all you old ladies!!  Welcome back for another update, and this will be the final update for 2005!  Sorry it has taken so long, but we've had trouble getting parts in from our machine shop.  Now that we have the parts, we can do our update!

First of all, we hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and wish all a Happy New Year.  We hope you all had a great holiday!  Things around here, as always, have been quite busy and entertaining.  We would like to first start off with the part that we had made.  We now have in stock the K-Member bracing, which matches the Graffiti Coupe 100%.  These bracings are made of quarter inch steel, have been laser cut, and are ready to be welded into place.  Click here to visit the Parts Warehouse to see pictures of this brace.  The price for this item is set at $75.

The next item on the agenda is something really really cool, that I think everyone will really like.  Throughout my searchings, I have come across two individuals that are making some really bitchin' products.  The first item is an American Graffiti Coupe key holder.  The second item is a really wicked t-shirt with the Graffiti Coupe on it.  These items are not being made by Project THX 138; however, when we saw them, we knew that a lot of our visitors / members would be very interested in them for their collections.  So, we contacted the individuals who made them, and we got their permission to show them to you and link to their individual web sites so that you can all visit them and place your orders.  Click here to see pictures of these items, as well as more information on them.  These items are under the new tag "New Products".

Item 3.  For those of you who are not members of the Milner's Mafia.  We got lots and lots of e-mails from people wanting to inquire about how to become a member.  In our first run, we decided to have a cut-off date for members.  But, as our site grows more and more popular, we get more and more requests from people who want to become members.  Since not everyone knows about us, we decided it would be really un-fair to have a cut off date.  So what we have done is opened it up to anyone who wants to become a member; so at any given time, they can become one.  However, there is a catch.  The catch is, since we would have new members coming in at various times, all club member shirts will be ordered every six months - so the next shirt order will be June.  January and June will be the shirt order dates from now on.  So, if you become a member now, you will not be getting your shirt until June/July; but you will get one.  For those of you who are members at the present time, and filled out your membership information form - shirts have been ordered, and we are expecting them any day now.  As soon as we get these, we will be mailing them out to you.  Sorry it has taken so long - this was not our original intention, but sometimes things just go that way.  For those of you wanting to become members, this is what you have to do.  Send a check for $50 to Project THX 138, 7818 Kessler, Overland Park, KS 66204.  Be sure to include your e-mail address.  Once we receive your payment, we will notify you that we have received it, and we will ask you to fill out your membership information form after you have e-mailed us your user name and password that you would like. 

The correct speedometer for the Coupe has been found, bought and paid for!!  This little devilish item has been very, very elusive, and is extremely rare!  Project THX 138 has purchased this item, and is in the process of negotiations on having these re-made.  To view what the speedometer looks like, click here.  Project THX 138 paid over $1700 for this speedometer, but we assure you, your cost will be NO WHERE NEAR THIS for a new one, if all negotiations work out right.  The only difference between the one shown is the needle, and the trip meter and odometer colors are reversed.  When we have these re-made, these will match the original Graffiti Coupe 100%.  This is an extremely rare speedometer, as we have been talking to Stewart Warner collectors all over the states, and no one has ever seen this before.  More information on this is available to our members on the Mafia Members site.

Note to members of the Mafia:  There is an extensive update in the Members area, with very exclusive and new photos - privileged to members of the Mafia ONLY!!  So please jump over and check it out. 

Until our next update, we here at Project THX 138 wish you all a Happy New Year, and safe hot-rodding!

Dorothy  and Supporting Cast
(to find references to old ladies and Dorothy, please read Milner's Mafia Update)

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