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February 12, 2005 Update

New updates.  We here at Project thx138 will try to do updates for this web site every Saturday.  As we acquire new information throughout the week, please don't expect to see them until after our next update.  If you are checking for the updated Man A Fre Order totals, keep in mind that this number will only be changed when we do updates on Saturdays.  At this time, we have 2 confirmed orders, so come on boys!  Let's get those orders coming in so we can get these things rolling off the line!  Again, we are waiting for 100 orders, as our first production run has to be a minimum of 100.

This week's updates include some really great pictures of the original Coupe sent in by Project THX's first buildCabrese, and a couple of the original Coupe sent in by Tom Dercole.  Tom is in the process of sending over 100+ photos of the original coupe.  When we receive these, we will be scanning them in and posting them on our site for all of you Graffiti Gear-heads to see.  These photos are located in the Original Coupe Photo Gallery

Tom Dercole has also informed me that he is going to sell his rolling Graffiti Coupe chassis.  Pictures of this rolling chassis are located on the clones page, look for Tom's Clone and click on the image.  Tom has all the receipts, and this chassis has never seen the highway.  It is a very nice chassis, and Tom has lots and lots of extra parts that go along with this.  Please call Tom.  His phone number is 585-288-8501.  Tom also sells many parts for the original Coupe.  Tom is a great guy, and I hope you all give him a call, because someone is going to get a very nice chassis.

Located in Our Merchandise, we here at Project thx138 will be selling on this web site exclusively, the Man A Fre T-Shirts, which come free with every Man A Fre purchase.  To those who already have a Man A Fre and want a really cool vintage-looking T-Shirt, these will be available starting February 19.  Sizes range from Small to 5X.  Also in our Parts Warehouse, we are showing the original ad for the PSI Spring Hangers.  We are hoping to have these available by spring.  We just want everyone to know that they will be coming soon.

For those of you who have not bought a set of Doug Bjorn's front camera brackets for your Graffiti Coupe Clone, time is running short.  Doug has informed me that he is about out of stock, and when he is out, he will be out.  Listen up!  I have a set of these that I bought from Doug.  These brackets are 100% Graffiti Bitchin, and well worth the money!  This I know because I made a set for my friend Richie, and after making this and selling them for the same price,  I swore I would never do it again.  They are very time consuming.  So the $80 is well, well worth it!!  Doug is a super nice guy, and one hell of a fabricator!  I know you will be pleased, and I wish you all could get a set.  But, like I said, he is close to being out of stock, so get 'em while you can, boys!

As you go through our site, you will notice several other changes.  We have heard from many of you that our buttons were hard to read.  We have changed the font to make it easier to navigate.  Also, we have now completed construction of our new Feedback Page, Message Board, and Classifieds sections.  These, we are sure you will find, are MUCH more user friendly, and have NO ADS!!  Please be patient with us while we transfer the data from our old forms to the new ones.  This should happen throughout the week, so please, if you haven't already, check out these pages, and leave us your feedback!  The directory will also be updated throughout the week.  The response to our directory has been great.  We are sure that you will all find this to be a very valuable resource.  We encourage all of you to fill out the form and email it to us if you wish to be included in this growing family of Graffiti Coupe Owners/Builders. 

Coming this July, look for what is sure to be the ultimate resource for every Graffiti Coupe Nut!  We will be publishing an exclusive book that will only be sold here.  This book is much like this web site, dedicated to building the correct Graffiti Coupe.  What makes this book so great, is that it enables you to go to swap meets and have a resource to know what correct parts you are looking for.  Yes, this book will even include pictures of the parts.  This book is not going to be some cheap 3-ring binder.  It is going to be a very professional publication (paperback).  In this book will also be pages for you to take notes on phone numbers, etc, etc.  So pretty much, this will be your bible.  God knows, when you're at a swap meet, you're not going to have a computer at your side to be able to pull up parts.  We believe this book will be a huge benefit to you.  At this time, it is looking like the book will be priced at $14.95 each - but we have not yet heard back from our publisher to confirm this price.  Please remember that this will not be available until July.  We are giving you a heads up, and something to salivate over. 

We here at Project thx138 have talked to a lot of you out there, and you know many of our ideas on what we are planning to do with our company.  Right now, we have a lot of irons in the fire, and we are trying to sort out what is important.  We hope to meet all of your demands, so please be patient.  We do not want to sound like a company that is promising lots and lots of things and never deliver.  But if we say that it is going to happen, trust me, it will happen.    This company has become a big part of our lives, and we plan to take great care of this company and our customers. 

This week, I received a phone call from Rod Doors. Rod Doors is a company that is working with Ed at New Age Motorsports to prepare interior for their 5-window bodies.  Kevin with Rod Doors is a very nice individual, and said he will be sending us photos of their interior kits as they make them.  I asked Kevin if they are going to be making an accurate Graffiti Coupe interior.  Kevin replied that they can make anything that you want.  I asked him what would be the cost of this interior, and he quoted me $3500.  We here at Project thx138 are planning to do the Graffiti Coupe's interior.  I cannot speak for Kevin, nor can I judge his work, for I have yet to see anything.  But I can guarantee you that the interior kits from Project thx138 will be 100% correct.   Now, our interior kits will not be available for some time, because we have to purchase a N.A.M. body before we can make these.   We are looking at cost to be around $1500 for the complete interior kit.  For those of you who are needing an interior kit now, please contact Kevin, and tell him the guys at Project thx138 sent you.  You can find Rod Doors information on our links page.

Also, check out Richie's Clone on our Clones page.  He has one TOTALLY HOT BABE/MODEL!! I think you're looking at my future ex-wife!!  Talk about some great eye-candy!  Also on Richie's pictures are his good friends Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark posing with him and his Coupe.  Remember, Richie is the one making the correct nerf bar and the correct headers for all of us.   I hope you all have checked out Graffiti Knights at

Well, this should just about wrap it up for this week's updates.  God knows what next Saturday will bring!!  Until, keep it between the white lines.


Last week's update. . .

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