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February 18, 2005 Update

New updates.  It's hard to believe another week has gone by.  In the past alone, we have had over 200 hits from Sweden, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  So, please, guys, sign our Guestbook and give us some feedback!  Let us know what you want to see, and if there is something you DON'T like, let us know that, too!  Remember, this site if for all of you Graffiti Coupe nuts out there, and we can only make it better with your help!

NOW, that being said, we have some very interesting news that I am sure many, many, many of you are going to love to hear. 

This started last Sunday, when I was talking to one of my very good Graffiti buddies, and he just happened to tell me that he had Mr. Steve Fitch's phone number.  That's right, guys!  Steve Fitch, the first owner of the Original Graffiti Coupe!  So, without delay, I called Steve on Sunday, and we had a very nice 45 minute conversation.

First of all, I would like to thank Steve for being so kind and generous with his time.  Steve is a very, very nice person, and helped me out with some questions that I have been wanting to know answers to.  First of all, Steve told me that the original mirror hanger, piston shift knob, and movie license plates did NOT come with the car when he bought it.  The only thing that Steve found in the car was a FOR SALE sign that the studio used when trying to sell the car when the movie was over.  Steve found this behind the passenger door panel, along with an American Graffiti bumper sticker.

Steve also informed me that most of the stories that pertain to the Coupe as being in rough shape with tires being  flat, chrome peeling off, basically just a big piece of crap sitting in a driveway, are all 100% UNTRUE!  Steve spent a lot of time on cleaning up the Coupe, and replacing missing parts from the studio years.  He had the engine re-built, which he did say was a 1966 327.  He added the Cal Custom valve covers, 4 new carburetors, a new Hurst shifter, and a new firewall insert.  He said the reason he replaced the shifter was because the original one was junk.  He also said the reason he replaced the firewall insert was because the original one was so scratched up that it would not polish out. 

The car sold in the month of November 1985.  When the car left Steve, it was in  nice shape.  Steve and I also talked about many other things pertaining to the Coupe.  At this present time, I cannot reveal this part of the conversation.  But, I promise, when I do tell you, it will all make sense. 

There have been many rumors on what parts were used on the American Graffiti Coupe.  Such as the bell housing.  Steve told me that the original Coupe's bell housing is a stock '66 327.  Pretty much, everything on this car was built out of something that was just lying around.  So, sorry boys, no vintage speed parts, except for the stuff the studio added. 

Steve and I will be talking much more in the future, and I know that I will be seeing him, as he only lives 2 hours away.  And, as always, I will update you on our conversations.

And now, more info on Project thx138.  We just received our business tax id numbers, so we will have our business account tomorrow morning.  This means from now on, if you buy something from us, please make all checks out to Project thx138.  Our next step is going to be to incorporate the business.  Yes, this is a business, and not some guy sitting in his garage on the computer hocking parts! 

We have added in our parts warehouse Custom Build Jobs.  That's right, guys.  If you want it, we can build it!  However, this is going to be first come, first serve, and starting next week, we start on a chassis for one of our biggest fans.  This will be a 100% American Graffiti Coupe chassis.  That's right, that's the way we build 'em.  So, if you are looking for a chassis, a turn-key project, or whatever your little heart may desire, please contact us.  We can do some of the work, and let you finish it, or we can do the whole thing for you. 

THE MAN-A-FRE T-SHIRTS ARE NOW IN STOCK!!!!!  Please check out the picture of the shirt in our Parts Warehouse.  I cannot stress how vintage these shirts look.  It looks like I just jumped in a time machine and went back to 1962 and grabbed a bunch of them.  So, if you want to look really cool at the next car show, get one of these here, because they are available no where else!  That's right, Ebay doesn't even have them - until you guys start putting them on there! 

There have been no new Man-A-Fre orders taken in this week.  There have been lots of questions from you wanting information on the Man-A-Fre's.  Most of the questions are about what our refund policy is.  Our refund policy is always 100%, no questions asked - GUARANTEED.  So, there it is in writing.  What more do you want?  Like I said before, once we receive 100 orders, production will start on these intakes.  So, basically, we are just waiting on you!  So don't be afraid, you have a 100% guarantee, and you will have a very bitchin' intake - not to mention a cool vintage t-shirt to look good in!  Because ALL pre-orders will get a free t-shirt.  For those of you that don't know, this is an introductory price only, and after the first 100 have been ordered, the price is going to go up!  So lock in your order today!  Once the production has started on the Man-A-Fre's, we will start on production of our next item, which at this time is leaning towards the interior kits or possibly the steering wheel.  Let us know what you would like to see first.  Remember, all these projects take a LOT of money, and a LOT of time.  Unfortunately, we have neither, but we keep on working on ways to get there.

There have also been many questions on why we sell things at a low cost.  My answer to you is this.  We here at Project thx138 realize that it is very expensive to build a hot rod.  And I would be safe to say that 98% of you are working guys, just like us.  So we know that your dollars count.  It is our mission to get you the correct parts for your hot rod at a very low price.  Not only does this pertain to your parts, but it also pertains to the custom build jobs.  Take for instance, most of your rod and custom shops will charge a minimum of $80 per hour to work on your car.  We here at Project thx138 only charge $15 per hour to work/build your car.  I find this price very satisfactory, as you get a good deal, and I get to do what I love to do.  So, it works out in the end for everyone.

Graffiti Coupe Club update.  Sorry, guys, I have just been too busy with other things to really concentrate on getting the Club package ready.  In fact,  I still don't know everything that is going to go into the Club package.  But I promise you this - when you do get the update, it will be worth the wait.  And I will make this promise - this update will come within the next two weeks. 

Remember, you can always view our past updates by clicking here.  At the end of each update, you will see a link to the previous week's update.  This way, you can stay on top of what has been happening at Project thx138.

I'm not runnin' off to some damn fancy college, I'm staying right here and working on the web site as usual!

Rick Blevins, a.k.a. Milner

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