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February 26, 2005 Update

Welcome back to another week of updates!  Well, guys, I am very happy to say that here in the near future, I will have in my possession the very elusive PSI Spring Hangers.  These spring hangers will be in a very short run, and when they're gone, they're gone.  We have only 15 sets to sell to our customers.  These will be located in our parts warehouse.  These spring hangers are NOS straight from the 1960's, which includes the mounting brackets.  So, if you want  these, this is what you have to do.

Since I feel that there is going to be a huge rush on this item, the following steps must be taken.  First of all, you must send payment of $175 plus $8 shipping and handling, for a total of $183.  With your payment, you must also include your email address and phone number.  Send all information, including your payment in full to us at:

Project THX138
7818 Kessler
Overland Park, KS 66204

Once I receive your payment,  I will call you and email you that I have received your payment.  These spring hangers are on a first come first serve basis, so I don't want everyone emailing me telling me that they want them, because it doesn't mean shit.  If you want them, you will send in your payment.  I mark each envelope 1-15, and when the 15 are gone, all other late entries will be returned to sender.  Sorry boys, that's just the way it is, and the only way that I can be fair to everyone.

Once I receive the spring hangers,  I will ship them out the following day to everyone that buys them.  Now, when am  I going to get them?  That's something I don't even know.  This is all based upon our US Postal Service.  But it should be under a month with the complete turn-around.  So be patient, you will get them.  Remember, I need a set too!  I am buying these from the gentleman who started PSI, who lives on the west coast, and who does not own a computer.  US Postal service from the west coast to us has been typically slow; thus the delay.  But, rest assured, they are on order, and will be here soon!  Remember, you snooze, you lose!

Next up on the agenda, I still have many of you looking for certain parts, and once again, no one is using the Classifieds.  Come on, guys, lets don't be a bunch of dumb-asses.  Classifieds are there for you to use to list parts you are looking for, and parts you have for sale.  This is a two-way street - USE IT!  We are, however, adding a friend of ours who has a business, and who just happens to have some of the parts you are looking for.  His name is Dave Green, and he has a business called KC Obsolete Parts, Inc..  You can find this on our WHERE TO BUY links page; even though he does not have a web site, we are listing his information.  Dave has in his possession 1940 spindles, drums, backing plates, 1956 Ford steering columns/boxes, and some other things that you may be looking for.  However, you will need to call Dave and talk to him yourself.  If you call him and get his machine, leave a message, because sometimes Dave is out in the shop.  Remember, Dave only has a few of each item.  So, if you are needing something, give him a shout, and don't wait, because they could be all gone.  Dave is a hell of a guy, who I have known for several years, and I know that you will all enjoy talking to him.  A true hot-rodder from the '50's/'60's.  And remember to tell him Rick sent you. 

Last Friday, we were talking about our Graffiti Coupe Club membership.  This is going to change to be a site/Coupe Club membership, and we will be accepting new members within the next month.  We will be adding some new features to the web site, which will only be accessible by members.  In this area, there is going to be something that all, and I MEAN ALL - EVERYONE IN HE HOT-RODDING WORLD HAS BEEN WANTING TO SEE!! I have turned over some valuable information to my good friend, Doug, who is going to do an extensive project for all of us.  I have released the reins for the project to Doug's hands, based upon the fact that our resources at Project THX138 are so limited by time constraints, and we want all of our MEMBERS to share in this glory, which I am personally dying to see the results of.  Each member will also receive a password to enter this area, a DVD of the original Coupe, a vintage garage shirt - which we are in the process of trying to get everything around so it can be made, price breaks on certain items, special photos and information on the original Coupe not available to general visitors, special heads up (heads up) on all new parts/products, a membership card, and each member will receive an email newsletter that will come out every quarter.  The price for this package will be set for a limited time at $35.  As you may have noticed, our web site is by far the most complete source for photos and information on the American Graffiti Coupe.  Developing and hosting a site this big and with this much detail ain't cheap!  And the products are top of the line and very hard to come by.

The next item which we will start to reproduce once our Man-A-Fre's have been sold, are the correct original Coupe front fenders, as we have now received the blueprints.  These will be made to spec, and my eagle eye, and my attention to detail.  These will not start production until Man-A-Fre's are in production; and at this given time, we have only sold 3 Man-A-Fre's.  What's up, guys!?  Everyone I talked to has always talked about the Man-A-Fre; everyone wants one - that's all I've heard.  So we have taken our time, our money, and have set up tooling to produce these.  Now, no one wants one!?  I don't mean to sound harsh here, but I don't like getting yanked around.  Our time is very valuable, so  I suggest either get on the stick, or stop emailing me with all your wants and needs.  Because, as of right now, only a select few of our customers have put their money where there mouth is.  Like I said, I don't mean to sound like a dick.  It just pisses me off when we go to great strides to do something everyone is talking about, and when the times comes, nobody shows. 

However, on a good note, we have started a customer's chassis for him.  This customer is in our directory, and his name is Project THX's first build Project THX's first build has come to the conclusion that he has "The Disease", and the passion to build his car to be 100%, and nothing - and I mean nothing, will stand in his way.  I truly respect and admire his passion, for it is equal to mine.  Project THX's first build's chassis will be 100% American Graffiti.  We will be showing you the building process of this through weeks to come.  Right now, we are in the process of gathering all parts for Project THX's first build.  Once we have everything, the Build will begin!  Make sure you check out throughout the week to see the beginning pictures of Project THX's first build's chassis.  At this present time, we are unable to post any new pictures due to a marvelous virus that has hit our system.  But all systems should be "GO" later this week. Project THX's first build is a supreme human being, and one of the nicest guys you could hope to talk to.  I hope you all can give him a shout - just go to the directory.

I hope this update hasn't sounded too much like a lecture or an ass chewing, but everything on this site has taken lots of hours and research - not to mention money!  And to continue to have Project THX138, we have to receive a return on our investment, just like any other business has to.  Now, we don't want you all scared and thinking we are going to be closing the doors in  the next month . We are going to make a go of this come hell or high water.  Just remember, we can't be successful unless we make your project successful. 

If you want to be like Milner, don't be afraid to put the pink slip up, boys!  'Cause it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

Until next week, keep her between the white lines, and happy hot-rodding.

Rick  Blevins 

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