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Project thx138 Site Updates

 Updates?!  Can you believe we're already having updates?  The web site has not even been up 3 weeks, and we're already having updates.  First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has talked to me on the phone or through emails.  I enjoy talking to all of you.  We here at Project thx138 are very surprised at our success and popularity.  We figured we'd have a few readers, but not this many!  So once again, thank you!

The reason for the updates is because we have come across new information, so please check out the entire site, as you will find little tidbits like the correct paint code, new clones, and new "Where to buy parts" links.  Many of the questions I have been receiving from a lot of you is where to buy these parts.  So now, just click on the tag, and your questions should be answered. 

Please, Please,  Please!!!  Each and every one of you that visits this site, please go to the directory button, and fill out the information.  The directory is a huge rolodex for each and every one of us to use, containing all Graffiti Coupe fanatics contact information.  At this time, you can fill out the form and hit submit.  On the form is a box to check if you for any reason DO NOT want your information published.  We will update the rolodex with new information each week, so check back often.  Believe me, this feature will come in very, very handy when you are trying to build your coupe, because some of us have already crossed the bridge before others!  And plus, I can have all your mailing information to contact each and every one of you on special upcoming events.

I have met many new Graffiti Coupe clone builders, and one I would like to mention is Tom Dercole.  Tom has extensive knowledge about the coupe, and has also been talking to Mr. Rick Figari over a period of 16 years.  Tom is the one that has supplied us with the correct paint code, and Tom is also providing us with the original Coupe's front fender blueprints.  Once I receive these blueprints, I will start producing the fenders for everyone to buy. 

Talking about things to buy.  First of all, I would like to say that my friend Richie (Richie has a clone on the clone page) is starting to produce the correct rear nerf bars.  These nerf bars should be on the site in about 3 weeks, and will sell for $150.  The next project Richie will be working on will be the correct headers for the Coupe.  Richie is founder of the Graffiti Knights, so please check out his website on our links button. 

Ok.  Many of you have heard that we are going to produce the Man A Fre intake.  Well, it's true, and here's your time to order!  We are taking pre-orders for $350 plus $30 shipping within the continental US.  If your shipping is less than $30, you will get a check along with your intake.  If it is over $30, Project thx138 will take the hit.  All members outside the continental US, please email us so that we can get the exact shipping charge.  Remember, this is not Ebay, and we will make no money on shipping.  Please make all checks and money orders out to Project thx138, and mail it to the attention of Rick Blevins at 7818 Kessler, Overland Park, KS 66204.  Everyone who wants to order this, please, you will have to be patient.  Production will not begin until we receive 100 orders, either by check or money order.  After this time, production will take approximately 12-15 weeks.  So, the sooner you order, the sooner production can start.  If you want one of these intakes, which I highly suggest that you do, please, before sending payment, email us that you are sending payment.  Along with this information, please notify us of your t-shirt size.  The reason for this is that all pre-orders will receive the original Man A Fre t-shirt as a bonus.  You will receive your t-shirt after we receive your payment for the intake.  These intakes are in no way, by any means a cheap knock-off.  They are 100% pure Graffiti.  And if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money, 100% guaranteed.  Hell, even if you don't want to put this beautiful intake on your Graffiti Coupe, it looks real cool hanging on the wall; and where else are you going to find a Man A Fre for $350.  So, let's get those orders in so production can start!!  There will be a counter to let you know how many orders have been put in, so you will always be updated.  If for any reason it takes a while to get to the 100 intake orders, you can always email us and request your money back if you are tired of waiting.  Just remember, this will effect everyone else on the list for getting the 100 orders.  But all updates will be made every Saturday.  We plan to keep all of our fans informed at all times.  To check current pre-order counts, please visit our Parts Warehouse link.  

Listen up, guys!  Just because I started this web site does not mean I have an abundance of parts to build hundreds of clones!  This is why we have installed the Classifieds button.  Please put your wants or parts for sale on this page.  Believe me, there are many many many of you looking for parts, or who have parts to sell.  Please use this feature!  Any parts I have for sale will be listed in the parts warehouse with the quantity beside them.  I know that these features are a little user-unfriendly.  But my partner and I are in the process of making it easier for everyone to use.  Please be patient.

I would also like to add that I have talked to Kevin, who is on our Graffit Coupe Clone page, and would like to state that Kevin's body is from New Age Motorsports.  Kevin is one hell of a guy, and I hope you all get to talk to him.

There are so many of you that I would love to mention on this page.  You all have been very kind and generous with your comments on our web site, and I greatly appreciate it, and wish I could name each and every one of you.  But, as you can see, we here at Project thx138 are still behind the 8 ball and trying to play catch up with all your requests and demands.  Please notify us if there is any change to our site that you see that needs to be done through our Feedback Forum, and GET YOUR PICTURES OF THOSE CLONES COMING IN!!  Next Saturday, we will do an update on the Graffiti Coupe Clone Car Club.  Until then, happy hot-rodding, and beware of the cop at Jerry's Cherry!

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