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July 04, 2006 Update

Welcome back to everyone's long awaited update!  We here at Project THX 138 hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday this 4th of July.  This update will only consist of a write up and all new buttons and pictures will be added later this week.  Now. . . on to all the important stuff that has not been said since March this year. 

I would first like to start off with Project THX's first build's Project.  New pictures of the latest status of Project THX's first build's Project are now available, so check out Project THX's first build's Build to see how this amazing project is coming.  Project THX's first build's Project, as you can tell by the pictures, is coming along quite nicely.  It was a fun weekend mating the body and the chassis  together, but it was also a very long weekend!  After putting the car together and adding a few pieces, Project THX's first buildtook the car back to Ohio, where it sits firmly in his garage as more and more is done to it.  The hold up on Project THX's first build's car has been a transmission issue.  We first thought that we would all run Muncie 4 speeds, then upon further thought on doing this car as an exact replica, we all decided to use the T-10, which is the transmission in Milner's Coupe.  Finding these transmissions and having them rebuilt is not an easy, nor cheap task, much like everything else on this car.  Upon further review and playing with the transmission and getting everything mounted up, we have come across a problem dealing with the floor and the transmission.  We will go into further detail on this on the site for members of Milner's Mafia.  Just like to forewarn everybody, you are in for a shocker; however, this problem is being fixed as this update is being written. 

Next on our agenda is to talk about a cool little rock-a-billy show that we attended back in May that was put on by the Knucklebusters.  This show is quite the little gathering, with bitchin' cars, bitchin' music, and bitchin' girls.  It was a hot day, but a very fun day.  To check out photos of the car show, click here.  And now for all of our local readers that may have attended this show, we are on the lookout for this girl, who was first runner up in the beauty contest.  Click here for a picture of this girl, as we are trying to find out who she is to see if she would like to model next to my Coupe.  We would like to have her as our model for Project THX 138. 

Next. . . is a KOOL site that I think everybody will really enjoy.  This is my good friend Rich Poremba, who is with the Crusing the Boulevard "Petaluma's American Graffiti Salute".  These guys bring back the original cars and cast out to Petaluma, which is were a lot of the movie American Graffiti was filmed.  They have shirts, pins, and all kinds of crazy little things that I know everybody will like for sale on their web site.  So, please click here, and check 'em out, and tell 'em that Project THX 138 sent you:  All the money that they raise goes back to the community. 

In this update, we would like everybody to check out all the new photos, so please click all of your buttons, as there will be new clones, and new pictures throughout this site (remember, pictures are coming this week, so check back often). 

Okay, now for a special little news bulletin:  for all you guys out there that are needing stuff chromed:   we know that, depending on where you live, chroming can be quite expensive.  Well, let's just say, more expensive than normal.  So, what Project THX 138 has done is we have talked to our chrome shop, and set up special pricing for you guys that are needing to get stuff chromed.  Basically, we have given a list of everything that will need to be chromed on the car to our chrome shop.  Right now, our prices that we have gotten confirmation on, are as stated:  All front springs - $155.00; Front axle - $255.00; and Front Wishbone, split or non-split - $355.00.  All items will be triple chrome plated.  Axles will not have the center valley polished out (just like the original Coupe); however, if you wish to have your valley polished out, there will be a $50 up-charge.   As we get the pricing for all of the other items that need to be chromed, we will update them under the button called KC BUMPER.  How this will be handled is, if you are needing one thing, or many things chromed, you will send them to the address for Project THX 138.  They must be shipped in containers or wrapping that can be re-used, as we will send them back to you using the same packaging that they arrive in.  Also, if you are going to want insurance on this, you must insure it coming to us - this way, you will know the exact amount for shipping coming back to you.  All items will be taken to the chrome shop on the 15th of every month.  There will be a 2 week turn around, so all items will be sent out either on the 31st or the 1st back to you.  At the present time, for those of you wanting stuff chromed, let us know.  Please send NO PARTS NOR PAYMENT until we have worked out all the payment details with the chrome shop.  Basically, we are just offering this service to help people out whose chroming is outrageous in their areas.  We have heard rumors that on the east coast, chroming is around the $500 mark; this is just to help those in need out.  We are not trying to get everybody to send us their chroming - in fact, it could be cheaper in your area.  Our chromer is a company called Chrome Tech/KC Bumper, which is owned by Frank Sanchez.  Frank, in the past, has done the chroming for Pete and Jakes/Superbell, and WELD Wheels.  Frank's main source of chroming is doing customized motorcycle parts; however, he is wanting to start doing the hot rod business again, and wanted to take on the task of doing everyone's chrome job.  Frank will be doing all the car on Rick's Coupe, Doug's Coupe, Project THX's first build's Coupe, and Ed's Coupe.  For those of you wishing to wait to see how something turns out, we should be getting some stuff done here in the very near future.  Please email us with your wants or concerns, as we will help you out the best we can.

For those of you that may not have noticed, our Classifieds section is now up and running.  This is a free service to all - you do not have to list American Graffiti Coupe parts, as it can be any automotive part. Please feel free to use this, and remember, this site gets over 25,000 hits per day from all over the world!!! 

Now for parts. . .  As you will notice, there is a button for Custom Automotive, which is my good friend Brad Dougan, who we have mentioned many times before in  our updates.  Brad, as many of you know, sells many, many Graffiti Coupe parts and other hot rod items.  Recently, all the partners of Project THX 138 bought a grill shell and insert from Brad.  Brad is selling the Vintique Grill Shell, which is pretty much an exact copy to the original Henry Ford Grill Shell.  These grill shells are not filled, and have the cut-out holes for water drainage and crank, as you will see in the photos under his button.  You also can purchase a slew of different inserts, anywhere from the original steel bars to polished stainless, with our without crank holes, and chopped versions in different chop sizes.  Brad also has sold all the partners their front Magnum Axles, which he also sells.  Brad also carries many, many, many more parts, so for those of you wishing to find certain new items, I highly suggest using Custom Automotive.  Why, do you say?  For the simple reason that Brad will match anybody's price, and the shipping is always free!  Now for a special bonus to all the Mafia Members, you get an additional 10% off, along with your free shipping!  Brad is a straight shooter, a hell of a nice guy, and I wish more people did business like Brad.  I highly suggest that all of you hot-rodders check him out - you will not be dis-appointed - this I guarantee!

News on the homefront about New Age Motorsports. . .  Ed is still working on my '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe body.  This is a process that is hammering all the bugs and making everything perfect, so it is taking quite a bit of time.  Remember, this has never been done before!  For those of you wondering about Project THX's first build's body - Project THX's first buildpulled out early on the process to get his Coupe ready, so he had only some of the new features being offered.  This does NOT mean that Project THX's first build's coupe is wrong in any way - it is actually way KOOL!  About the only thing that Project THX's first build's body does not have is the stock trunk hinge.  We would just like to state that the new body will be completely inter-changeable with an original '32 Ford.  There are different options that come with these bodies - there will be stock firewalls made in fiberglass, or you can have an original firewall installed.  Or you can go with just about any firewall configuration that you would like.  You can get your floors with the trans tunnels or without.  You can get your windshields fixed or swing-out.  You can get your rear window roll-down or stationary.  You can get your rear deck lid stock hinged, or the standard opening system.  You can also get glass installed, and even the correct green tint quarter windows.  And you can even have your car primered and ready for paint.  All options, besides the firewall, will be an upcharge.  The reason that I am stating all of this about NAM is that when my car is finished, it will be bolted to the chassis and taken to many, many shows.  Once the general public sees this car, their mouths are going to drop open, and orders are going to be flooding Ed's office - so I am giving everyone a head's up.  The sooner you have your name on the list, the sooner you will be able to get it.  Remember, if the list is long, then the wait is twice as long!  This car will be one thing that will separate the men from the boys; let's be honest, it will even fool the die-hard '32 guys, as there is virtually no difference. A great deal of pain has been suffered to assure this, all on Ed's behalf.  So. . . I highly suggest that if you are sitting on the fence about ordering one of these bodies, ya best move now, otherwise, it will be quite a while before your driving your car! 

For all of you local guys, and guys that pass through Kansas on your way to car shows that are needing a real bitchin' hair cut. . .  I highly recommend that you stop in at Chop Tops, at 5805 Merriam Drive in Merriam, KS.  This is not your ordinary, run of the mill hair stylist.  This little shop specializes in doing all the ultra-KOOL '50's hair styles (however, if you are just wanting a normal hair cut, they can also accommodate this).  The hair specialist for the '50's doo is Joanna Melvin, who is one real KOOL chick!  No one besides Joe will ever touch my mop again!  This shop also has a gift shop, and specializes in all the good rock-a-billy clothing and nick-nacks.   One thing kool about this shop is that when you sit down and are waiting to have your hair cut, the magazines that you read are old skool hot rod magazines, and you are listening to some awesome '50's and '60's music.  So, I highly suggest that you click on their button and check 'em out.  This is ONE KOOL PLACE that I have just stumbled across, and will be going back to time and time again.

Finally, check out the clones pages, as we have added new clones, and updated several other clones as well with new status updates.  Also, be sure to check out Project THX's first build's Build, as there are updated photos now available.  We think you'll be very impressed with how Project THX's first build's Build is coming along.  Well, I guess that about wraps things up for the time being. . .  Hopefully soon I will be adding more new pictures of my project as it comes together.  So, since summer is here, maybe I can get this done. 

Look forward to all your emails, and until next time,

Keep her between the white lines!

Your Friends at Project THX 138


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