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March 17, 2005 Update

And now. . . for the moment you've all been waiting for!  We missed updates last week - we had so much happening that we simply didn't have enough hours in the day!  But, for all of you hard-core fans of ours, here is the update that you have all been waiting for!!

First of all, to all of our faithful customers that have sent in money for the PSI Spring Hangers. . .  I will personally be contacting each of you by phone in the next few days, so please be patient.  We have hit a snag.  It seems our supplier for the PSI Spring Hangers has been mis-leading us. Now, don't worry!!  We're still getting the PSI Spring Hangers - but the delivery date has been pushed back for 6 months.  6 months!?  You've gotta be fucking kidding me, right?!  If you think you're upset, you otta be in our shoes!  One, I have been mis-led to believe that these items are NOS.  However, these are actually being recast from the originals, by the original owner. . . and the supply is NOT limited!  Our supplier took the initiative to start re-casting these spring hangers back when we first started talking.  However, he made the mistake of casting the ones for the '32 Ford, which means that you have to use a '32 spring.  Now, for those of you who have ordered your spring hangers, and you are wanting to run a '32 crossmember and spring, please let us know, and we can get these to you in a couple of weeks, as he now has them on hand.  For those of you, like myself, that are wanting the '35/'36 spring hangers to use with your '40 crossmember and '40 spring, I am sorry to say that the wait is going to be 6 months.  Now, those of you that do not wish to wait, please notify us, and we will return your money as soon as possible.  We are very sorry about this, but please understand, we were mis-led. We were told that there was a limited supply of 20 sets, and now the story has changed, and the truth has been told. . . after we had to jump him on the delay about shipping them from him to us.  We have been informed, however, that the shipping cost is $34; however, those of you who have already put in your orders are still locked in  at $8.  We here at Project thx138 know that you are unhappy about hearing about this delay, so we are going to eat the additional shopping cost of $26 to make sure that you stay satisfied.  For those of you who have not yet put in your orders and have contacted me about wishing to purchase a pair, the shipping cost is going to be $34.  Our supplier did say that there may be a chance of getting them a little sooner, but he is just saying 6 months, because he is at the mercy of the foundry.  Like  I have said, we are truly sorry, and those of you who wish to have a refund, please let me know, and it will be sent out Monday. 

Well, enough for upsetting news!  Let's get on to some of the positive  things that have been going on!

We have been in contact with my new friend, Toad.  Toad is from the U.K., and is one hell of a guy.  Toad has a website that I swiped some pictures from for our website.  Toad was glad to see that we used his pictures, and has sent me more, which we will be using in  this update!  We will be temporarily giving Toad his own tag until we decide where to place these photos.  We also have a clone sent in from the U.K. on our clones page.  Our friends across the pond are quite the hot-rodders, and we enjoy you visiting our site, and getting emails from you. 

Now, on to my project, and the project that Project thx138 is building for Project THX's first build.  My project has been put in hiatus based on the PSI Spring Hanger fiasco.  However, Project THX's first build's chassis is up and running, to be finished in the mid part of May.  Project THX's first build's parts keep flowing in, and once we receive all of them, sleeves get rolled up and welding masks come down!  We will  be giving you updates on Project THX's first build's chassis and you will be able to see this Build take place.  For now, we will have a new tag for Project THX's first build's car - it is just the frame, so you know what we started out with, and you can see the build as it takes shape.  For those of you who have not yet talked to Project THX's first build, give him a shout if you want to talk to a really nice guy!  Project THX's first buildis truly in love with this car, and wants nothing but a perfect replica.  And if that 's what Project THX's first buildwants, then that's what we're going to give him.

I have been informed that a lot of our guests would like to see some other Graffiti replicas, so we will soon be starting a new tag with replicas of the '55, '58's and'51's, or whatever other cars were in the movie.  What this is going to take is for you out there to send them in to us so we can get them posted.  Or, send us pictures of the projects that you are building of any car in the movie.  Just because we love the Coupe, doesn't mean that we don't love these other cars too!

We here at Project thx138 are planning to have our Exclusive Member's Site up and running by April 30.  We are in the process of trying to get everything ironed out so that it will be a smooth transition.  From never before seen photos, to shirts, to membership club cards - we plan to have it.  But it can only be viewed if you are a member.  The site you see now will always be free.  However, some information will be reserved for site members only.  Members will also receive special sneak peaks of upcoming projects, as well as special pricing for many of the exciting new items we will have upcoming, from parts to other merchandise.  And believe me, you'll want to be in on this! 

We here at Project thx138 get many requests, wants and needs for everyone's projects.  Please remember that we have a lot, and I do mean A LOT of irons in the fire, and we do want to fill everyone's request.  However, because this is so time-consuming, we would like you to email us and let us know what the next piece of merchandise for the Coupe you would like to see for sale is.  We will then take the ones we get the most requests for, and focus on that until it is finished - then we will go the next item.  Right now, the talk is the interior kits for the New Age Motorsports bodies.  But YOU let us know what YOU are needing! 

Our friend Richie is in the process of making the rear nerf bars. These little S.O.B.'s have turned out to be a nightmare for Richie.  He has a prototype made, which I would say is 95% correct.  So, he is going back to the drawing board to put the finishing touches on it.  Give him time, boys, he'll nail it!  Richie also informed me that he got a serious virus, and lost ALL of his emails!  So, those of you who are wanting the rear nerf bar, please email Richie to let him know.

We will also be listing very soon a body for sale from one of our major fans.  This body is one of the original Flatlanders/N.A.M.S. bodies.  We will give you more info when our friend sends it to us along with pictures.  For those of you looking for a fiberglass body, I can tell you this - it is in Georgia.  I am unaware of the price at this given time, but soon everything should be emailed to me so we can get it on the site.

I have talked to my good friend Ed at New Age Motorsports, and Ed has agreed to send me a set of fenders for me to sculpt into the correct fenders for the N.A.M.S. body.  I will then send it back to Ed, and he will begin producing them for all you Graffiti Nuts.  If you haven't ordered your body yet through Ed, you might want to do so very soon, because I have a feeling that the list is gonna get pretty long!  As of this date, he is currently running a 6 to 8 month back-log.  When we get these fenders produced, Ed wanted us to take pictures of them and put them on this site.  That way, you will know what fenders you will be getting.   

As you have probably noticed, we do have a chat room.  However, this only works if more than one person is online!  If you want to chat some time, the best way to make sure someone else is there is to post when you want to chat on our message board.  This is a great way to chat with other Graffiti Nuts WITHOUT having a large phone / cell phone bill!  So, we encourage all of you to utilize this feature.  If we notice that it is just not getting the hits, we will remove it from our site, as it does eat up a chunk of our hosting space, and with our site growing as it is, we can use all the space we can get!  As for when WE will be hosting chats, we simply are running all the time to get everything going for all of you - but we hope to be able to do this in the very near future.  Right now, we are still chasing our tails trying to get parts!

Which brings me to the question.  Does anyone out there know what the correct top alternator bracket is?  We are still investigating it, but keep coming up with dead ends.  So, if someone knows what this little mystery item is, please drop us a line so we can get it posted!  I do have a part number for this, and when I contacted GM, they said it sounded like one of their numbers, but nothing showed up on  the books.  So, I am hoping one of our loyal fans can identify this for us. 

For those of you needing a dash panel, our friends at Haneline now do the 100% correct Stewart Warner 8-Gauge Panel with the rubber gasket.  They sell this for $180, so give them a shout, and tell them the guys at Project thx138 sent you.

We here at Project thx138 have found an individual that makes shocks.  We will be sending him photos of the original Coupe's front shocks for him to duplicate.  This person did tell me that they would probably not be 100%, but they would be very, very damn close.  Right now, our concern between the two of us is whether or not the shocks can be chrome plated.  Once again, we will update you on this as we find out the info. 

Well, that about does it for this update!  Like I said, get your emails coming in with your wants and needs, and we will sort them out by popularity.  If you have any questions, drop us a line, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Remember we are a little slow due to our heavy schedule, but we will return all emails.

Until next time, Happy Hot-Rodding!


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