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March 26, 2005 Update

For this week's updates, we have quite a bit of interesting news.  First off, we'll start with the PSI update.  We here at Project thx138 have been informed that we will be able to have any and all of the original PSI stuff re-cast if need be.  So this will mean that any of you guys wanting the vintage look, you can get it through us.  You just need to let us know what you are wanting.  And the best way to determine this is to have an original old PSI catalog.  Sorry, I do not have one at this time, but I have been informed by my good friend / Graffiti brother, Doug, that he has made a copy for me, and it will be sent out next week.  PSI made a ton of different stuff, from spring hangers to wheel adapters and even swing pedals.  So we will keep you updated as more info pours in.

Next on our agenda, is to let everyone know that my very good friend, Brad, is becoming a dealer for Haneline dashes.  So you're asking yourself "What does that mean?"  It means that if you order the dash panel through Brad, who will have a dealer page on our site, you will get your dash panel as soon as Brad receives your money.  What makes this different from ordering it through Haneline is your wait period.  With Haneline you have a two - four week wait on your panel.  And when ordering them through Brad, the turn-around time is next to nothing due to the fact that he will have them in stock.  The dash panels should be in by next week, so on our next update, you will see Brad's page.  Brad has also said that he will give members of our Graffiti Coupe Club a special price break on the dash panels.  Yet another good reason to join our club! Yes, the club is still on schedule to be here by the end of April - possibly sooner, but we're not making any promises until the end of April.

Talking about the Club membership, it has been discussed between the partners that what is on the site now shall remain on the site for free.  However, all new information received, and believe me, there is a lot coming, will only be available to members.  Also, never-before seen photos will only be posted on the members portion of the site. 

Here is something new that is coming out very very very soon.  At the present time, I do not have a link to this person's site to buy these, but should have it by the next update.  This item is a painting called "Graffiti Graveyard", which shows the '32 Coupe, '55 Chevy, and '56 T-Bird after the wrecks they've been in - all sitting in the old salvage yard.  Prints will be sold for $20 each, so click here to view this item. Our friend, Doug, is responsible for getting this painting done.

Update for the rear nerf bar.  Ritchie has them complete and ready for sale.  If you have not received an email from Ritchie containing these nerf bars on his new auction site, please contact him.  On this new auction site, Ritchie means to compete with Ebay after getting screwed several times on items he bought and never received - Ritchie just decided to start his own.  This auction site should be a big deal, as emails are going out to almost every known car club, so it might be an easier way to find the parts you are looking for. While joining this auction site, you get a free $20 towards listing your items.  And I also would like to add, Ritchie's fees are far, far less than Ebay's jacked up prices.  He's not in it to make money - he's just in it to stick it to Ebay.  As for the nerf bars, they are listed on his auction site, starting at $100.  After bidding on these, Ritchie will contact you and ask you if you are running a '32 rear crossmember, or a '40 rear crossmember.  Yes, this is very important, and quite a long story - but it does make a difference. However, both nerf bars are available.  Ritchie's auction site is

Now here's some weird little news.  I know many of you that have talked to Rick Figari, and have been told that you are not allowed to measure the car for the simple fact that the Franklin Mint owns the rights - or should I say, the measurements of the car.  Now, I'm not calling anyone a liar, but since this web site is dedicated to the Graffiti Coupe, I wanted to make sure that my balls were not gonna be in a sling for breaking some rule that I did not know about.  So, I have contacted the Franklin Mint, and asked them if these comments are true or false.  The answer I received was this:  To the best of their knowledge, this is untrue; however, there could be a legal contract between Mr. Figari's lawyer and the Franklin Mint's lawyer.  But the Franklin Mint representatives have no information or direct knowledge of any such contract - it is just a remote possibility.  So, to me, it looks like my ass is safe.

The alternator bracket has been found.  And now, here's the secret:  it will only be revealed to members, along with a TON of other building secrets to this car!  And let me tell you, when I say there is a ton, there is a ton! 

We have a request for seeing more photos of peoples project's in process.  However, we cannot post these because no one is sending them in.  Remember, we can only post what our viewers send us. So, if you would like to see more stuff, get it coming in, and we'll gladly add it to our site.  We will also be adding very soon Ritchie's '55 Graffiti  clone, and the 1950 Merc which he is personally building for Mr. Bo Hopkins.  If any of you have any pictures of clones pertaining to any car in American Graffiti, please send them to us so we can get them posted. 

We received an email from Mike Hawkins of Rod Rider Cinema this week.  Apparently, we had a picture of his clone on our clones page - the photo was taken in the U.K.  This unknown clone has now been identified as being owned by Mr. Hawkins, and it is located in Southern California at the present time.  According to Mr. Hawkins, this car was also in a movie called Hot Rod Angel, and was in the U.K. for a promo relating to the film.  We have emailed Mr. Hawkins requesting more pictures and information about this movie and his clone.  We will post any information that we receive for all of you on our clones page as we receive it. 

On a side note, if you would like the story of your clone to appear with your clone picture, please forward it to us, and we will add it.  This will tell everyone else about your experience.  If you had any difficulties or are stuck on some part of your project, some other visitor to our site might have just what you need to get going again.  Remember, we can't post what we don't receive; we will post any info that we get, but in order to do this, we must also have at least one picture of your clone.  Pictures and stories can be sent to us at

At the present time, we are currently out of stock on the Stant Radiator Caps.  We had a limited quantity for sale on our site, and they are now gone.  We will let you know when receive more for sale.  Now, for those of you who are looking for the garters that go on the rear view mirror, I do have a very limited supply of the movie-correct garters (without pin) for sale for $10.00.  Email us at if you are interested in purchasing one of these.

We have had some questions on our turn-key project cars.  And many questions pertain to this:  is the car drivable?  If so, how does it ride, and how long does it take to build?  So I will post these answers to anyone who may interested in purchasing a turn-key project.  First, yes the cars are drivable.  And by this, I mean you can drive them anywhere, any time (however, I would stay out of snow).  Next, they ride like a log wagon.  The reason for this is because we build them using 1950/60's technology.  Our cars match the original Coupe 100% - only with better craftsmanship.  At the present time, we are doing one chassis, and have two turn-key builds on our list.  Now, comes the ultimate answer - how long does it take?  This all depends upon you.  By this, I mean that if you have a majority of the parts, the build time is a hell of a lot quicker than if we have to go out and find the parts. So, if this is something that you are considering, my advice to you is get all the parts you can, and it will cut down on your wait time.  If I have everything to build the car, it should take about 6 months - possibly sooner, but we will say 6 months to be on the safe side.  Remember, if you don't want a turn-key, and you're just needing a chassis or certain fabricated parts, then please contact us for an estimate. 

Until next week, keep 'er between the ditches, and happy hot-rodding!

a.k.a. Milner

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