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May 14, 2005Update

Well, here we are yet again, with another minor update.  For those of you who have been checking our site out for some time now, and enjoying all of the content that we have - we encourage you to join our members site while there is still time.  The membership cost is $50, and you get a ton of free stuff (check our past updates) - but you will also get to see a lot more content. 

For those of you who have become members, we thank you!  We are pleased to announce that we have worked out all the bugs on our Members  Site, and IT IS NOW UP AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!  If you have sent us a user name and password, you can log on now - but you must note the following:  Your membership user name and password have been entered EXACTLY as you sent them to us.  User name and passwords are case-sensitive, so if you capitalized any part of your info, make sure you enter it that way.  For those of you who have not yet sent us your user name and password requests, please do so at your earliest convenience so we can allow you access!  We highly recommend using all lower or upper case for your user name and password - this will make it a lot easier and a lot less frustrating for you! 

For members, keep checking back on the site, as we will be adding a lot more content - and we do have some exciting news coming up (but we're not ready to announce it just yet)!!  Once you get your user name and password to us and we get it added, you can log in by clicking on the Milner's Mafia tag on the left. 

Okay, now that that part is out of the way, on to new business.  We received a phone call from a super nice guy named Matt Karosi, who is a new member of Milner's Mafia, and is also a very high ranking member of The Road Agents.  Matt is a very cool guy, who sent us some pictures of his work, and said that he would like to take on some extra projects.  So, if you are on the east cost or in dire need of a chassis, please contact Matt.  The name of his company is Diamond Deuce, and you can reach him at 860-429-2434 to set up an appointment for doing chassis work.  Matt started on his own Graffiti clone, and decided mid-way through to stay with a '50's looking hot rod - but it still has a lot of Graffiti flair to it.  You can see Matt's coupe on our Clones page, as well as some samples of his work.  Hope you can all talk to Matt, as he is one hell of a nice guy.  Welcome aboard, Matt!

As we get new info, we will keep you updated - but you'll always hear more about everything once you become a member.  It may sound like we are pushing this hard - and we are, because after July 1, 2005, no new members will be accepted without a vote of all other members.  This is an exclusive club, and we don't want to hear anyone crying because they missed out.  So here is your opportunity to get on board now!

Happy Hot-Rodding!

The Guys at Project THX138

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