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May 28, 2005Update

Well, here is another update for you!  This is just stuff that we thought you might like to know.  We will be doing periodic updates to this Non-Members site.  However, if you really want to be in the loop and get the full detail updates, which have MUCH MORE CONTENT, are available for Members only.  Members can log in by clicking here.  If you are not a member, see the end of this update. 

WARNING -- BEWARE!!!!!  One of our members has brought to our attention that the company NW Speed Shop (NorthWest), is, in their opinion, pretty much a scam artist!  Our member told us that this company charged big big big bucks for an intake (Offenhauser 4-deuce) that was supposed to be all new and re-built, bolt-on ready, and all our member got was a BIG PIECE OF SHIT!  When our brother called NW Speed Shop on this matter, the gentleman (and they use that term very loosely), whose name is Marty, hung up on him twice, and even called him a liar.  They highly suggest that NO ONE use this company, but as always, use your own judgement.  This company advertises in Street Rodder, so you may have heard of them.  Remember, BEWARE!

A good friend of ours, who has not become a member yet, has a '32 Ford 5-window body for sale that was made in 2000 by Flatlanders for $6,500.  You may view this body by clicking here, and to contact this seller, please go to the Directory and look for Herman Schiller.  This would be a pretty cool body for somebody on a low budget project.  Herman is a very honest guy. 

Moving on to Project THX's first build's Build. . .  Project THX's first build's Build is actually coming along quite nicely.  The front end has been installed, and we are in the process of dropping in the engine.  So you can check out what everything is looking like on Project THX's first build's Clone button.  We have ordered a set of the correct oval tubing traction bars for Project THX's first build's build.  When they come in, we will post pictures of them so you may all see what we are talking about.  If any of you decide that you want these, I must warn you they are VERY expensive!  The cost is $450, and this is NO markup on our end!!  You will receive with these traction bars the correct traction bar front (under the door) traction bar hangers.  If any of you would like a set, please let us know, and we will let you know what the shipping will be on these.  Yes, the $450 does not include shipping!  We are very excited about receiving these, and can't wait to get our hands on them.  Believe me when I say, we talk to everyone and their brother about the oval tubing, and no one, and I mean NO ONE makes this!  I guess this was an exclusive deal that only PSI made.  Sorry guys, I tried to get it lower!  It was just a no-can-do situation. 

We have new parts listed in the Classifieds section.  Please check them out, as you may just find what you are looking for. 

As promised, we here at Project THX138 have been busy getting new and hard to find parts reproduced for you!  The first parts will be coming off the line in the next week or so.  Members can log in to find out what they are. . .

If you aren't a member yet, time is running short!  Remember, as of June 1, membership will cost $50, and NO NEW MEMBERSHIPS will  be accepted after July, 1, 2005.

Please make your checks out to Project THX138.  Mail your check to us at:

Project THX138
7818 Kessler
Overland Park, KS 66204

Remember, if it ain't post-marked by June 1, the fee is $50 - anything less will be returned to you.  And if it ain't post-marked by July 1, 2005, you just don't get in until our semi-annual Membership Vote for all those wish to become new members.  This is a process by which ALL of our current members must vote their approval for each new member, or that applicant will not be accepted to the club.  So, don't delay if you want in! 

Some of our new Members have not yet sent us your user name and password.  Remember, if you have paid your dues, all you have to do to access all the excellent new content reserved for you is to send us your info!

This message goes out to Mr. Jeff Beck.  Mr. Beck, we have been trying very hard to get into contact with you, as we would like to make you an honorary member of Milner's Mafia.  Please email us so we can get you set up on our members site.

And remember everyone, if you ain't a member, there's a lot of shit you just can't do!

Happy Hot-Rodding!

The Guys at Project THX138

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