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January 20, 2007 - Quick Update:

For those of you who have been needing the rear quarter window glass, it is now available for a very limited time for the price of $100.00.  This includes the 2 quarter glass windows, already cut down to a 3 inch chop, and the correct '60's green tint that buyer must install. For more information, contact Rick at

New Age Motorsports now has correct Graffiti fenders in stock.  Contact Ed at New Age Motorsports.


October 19, 2006 Update

Welcome back to what is probably one of the most anticipated updates in our history.  This update is long overdue, but it is going to be quite a doozie, so sit back, relax, and prepare to do a lot of reading!  I apologize for not getting an update back in September after we posted the photos of the NAM body; it seems that there is never enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done.  As I have mentioned, this update is going to contain a lot of material, so without further ado, here we go.

We are going to start this update off on a sad note.  This year, we lost Henry Travers, the father of the American Graffiti Coupe.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Henry, as we all would have.  I'm sure the stories he would have told would have been quite amazing.  We also lost this year, a very good friend of our very own Doug Bjorn.  This gentleman's name is Ralph Mattingly.  Ralph was an avid American Graffiti Coupe fan. In fact, he owned one a few years back.  Unfortunately, Ralph took ill, and thought it best to sell his beloved hot rod.  I personally never got to speak with Ralph, but by talking to Doug, I could tell he was one hell of a guy.  Following is his obituary:

Mattingly, Ralph
MATTINGLY, RALPH, 57, of Louisville, entered into rest on Monday, July 3, 2006, at the St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. He was a former employee of Caesars Indiana and the Phillip Morris Co. He is survived by his loving wife, Marion Mattingly; two daughters, Leslie Becker (Aaron) and Lisa Mattingly; stepmother, Luckey Mattingly and siblings, Larry "Crazy Horse," Danny, Denise, Tina, Roger, Bobby, Carla, Jackie, Eddie, Tammy, Carol and Jody. His funeral service will be held at noon on Wednesday, July 5, 2006, at the Heady-Hardy Funeral Home, 7710 Dixie Highway, with cremation to follow. Visitation will be from 2-8 p.m. on Tuesday and after 9 a.m. Wednesday. The family request if you have a street rod, please drive it in Ralph's memory.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of both Henry Travers and Ralph Mattingly.

Now, on to more positive things.  I will start discussing the New Age Motorsport Body.  I have received many many emails wanting to know about this Coupe body.  I would just like to state that this body is a work of art.  I cannot praise Ed and the guys at New Age Motorsports enough for taking the time out to do this car so correctly.   In the last update back in September, you saw the Coupe in various different angles, and the detail work that went into it.  What was NOT mentioned was that in all these photos, there is a T-10 4-speed sitting under the floor.  Now, you may be wondering what is so significant about that.  Go back and look at those photos again, and you will see that the floor is flat, just like Milner's.  Also, you would probably noticedin the photos that there is a stock '32 trunk hinge on the trunk.  Once again, just like Milner's.  I have received emails wanting to know about the quality of this body.  The quality of this body is OUTSTANDING, and that is putting it mildly.  The body is all hand-laid thick fiberglass, with a steel structure that reinforces the body.  All the woodwork is done with ash wood.  The cowl vent works flawlessly, the windows go up and down like a knife through butter, the rear window is done to stock specifications - which means, if you want to add a package tray, you may do so without ANY modifications.  This feature was not incorporated in the previous body; however, the previous body did have a rear roll-down window, but modifications would have been required if wanting to run a stock package tray.  This is no longer a problem on this new body.  As I have stated to many of you, this body was the source of arguments at the last show - many people told me there was no way that it was fiberglass - they thought it was steel.  I call this body a dead ringer, and would be willing to challenge anyone just to prove my point.  These bodies are now available through New Age Motorports; however, there is going to be another change to the body, which was not done to this body of mine.  Ed has informed me that all Coupe bodies will now come with the stock wood around the rear quarter windows, and rear window; a feature that was not on my coupe body.  As I have stated many, many times, Ed is trying to build the most perfect '32 clone out on the market.  And not only is he trying to build the perfect clone, he is making it very user friendly, and all done with A-1 quality.  If you have any more questions on this body, please contact either me or Ed over at New Age Motorsports.

Next on the agenda, is a very, very cool web site dedicate to our favorite movie, American Graffiti.  The web site is  I highly encourage everyone to check this website out.  And when you check this website out, check EVERYTHING out on it!  There are things on here that will make you go "OH SHIT!"  Our friend that made this website goes by the name of Kip Pullman.  We all remember Kip from the movie as the lovely Bobby Jo Tucker had a thing for his rippling biceps.  When I last talked to Kip, he was still working out!  Please check out this site, and give a shout to Kip, as we think this is the best American Graffiti site available to the public.

As many of you hot rodders may or may not be aware of, there is a couple of guys out there who wrote a book, which a lot of us like to refer to as "a true hot rod bible".  Their names are Vern Tardel and Mike Bishop.  Vern Tardel owns a little hot rod business;  his web site is  On this site, you will find a lot of parts to help you build your Graffiti Coupe clone.  The main thing that Vern sells is the '32 stock K-Member.  Vern has also informed me that he knows of someone who is making the stock '32 Ford full wishbone.  At this point, we have not seen the '32 front wishbone, but according to Vern, it is going to be 100% stock.  On Vern's site, you will also find the Hurst side mounts, which we made last year.  Vern's prices are a lot lower than ours, so we have lowered our prices (basically taking it in the shorts) to sell out of our Hurst mounts.  (Please check out our parts warehouse for our new prices.)  Our prices will be the same as Vern's.  Once ours are gone, we are just going to refer everyone to Vern.  Also, on this site, you may purchase the book written by Vern and Mike. 

I have talked to Mr. Bishop several times, and he is quite the hot rod enthusiast.  Mike has informed me that as soon as I get him the ORIGINAL Man-A-Fre water transfer decal, PSI water transfer decal, and the Ansen pedal decal, he is going to re-produce these and have them available on Vern's website.  Yes, I own the original decals, and I am donating these to the cause so everyone can get the decals of their choice to put on whatever you may like.  I was also informed by Mr. Bishop that Vern and himself may be building an exact Graffiti Coupe clone for an unnamed source.  We here at Project THX 138 will be donating all the parts we can to help them complete this project, as we look at it - if we scratch your back, somewhere down the line, you'll scratch ours. 

Talking about projects, I have also been informed by Ed at New Age Motorsports that they are planning to do a couple of American Graffiti Coupe clones for give-away cars.  These cars will be raffled off, and all proceeds are going to charities.  Once again, Project THX 138 will be donating all the parts we can, as we are all about helping out charities, as is New Age Motorsports.  Ed did inform me, which may have been a secret, but I am going to let it slip - that they are in the process of getting two '32 dashes completely signed by everyone that they can think of that was in the movie American Graffiti, including Mr. George Lucas.  Each dash will be put in the give-away cars.  It all goes back to the old saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know."  And apparently, our friend Ed has a few contacts up his sleeve.  We wish them well with these projects, and are willing to give any parts or time or whatever it takes to see these projects complete. 

To get back to New Age Motorsports, Ed has informed me that at the beginning of next year, the front fenders should be complete, along with the correct rear bumper.  So please be patient, as all good things come to those who wait.

Talking about parts, Project THX 138 has taken on a new business partner, who is going to be in charge of the parts warehouse.  Yes, I know our parts warehouse has been pretty much lax this last year, and we cannot meet the demands of all of you Graffiti Coupe maniacs.  Our new partner will be completely in charge of the parts warehouse department, and I would just like to say that this thing is going to huge!  He has been out collecting all the correct Graffiti parts for the past year, and from my understanding, he has quite an intense supply.  Along with these correct parts, he has taken on the challenge of reproducing some of the parts that we have previously made but ran out of very quickly - hence, the rear traction bar system. 

It is our goal here at Project THX 138 to make anyone in the world who is wanting to build an exact replica of the Graffiti Coupe possible by mail order.  However, I would like to stress this point:  This website is a HOW-TO-DO website, NOT a HAVE-TO-DO website!!  This being said, this clearly means that if you choose to build an exact replica of everyone's favorite coupe, you will have the opportunity to do so.  However, if you choose not to build a 100% replica, we do not frown upon that, nor do we discourage it, and we will still help everyone out to build the car of their dreams.  It is our goal to provide all of our faithful fans (and there are more than we can count) with A-1 quality parts at an affordable price.  We will not reproduce any part that can be bought elsewhere.  For example, Speedway Motors parts.  If someone or some company is making this part, we will refer you to them.  It has always been our goal to help out anyone we can to see their dream come true on building this coupe.  We are not money-motivated, nor will we ever be!  This is a hobby for all of us, not a career, and we do it just for the pleasure of it, as it is something we very much enjoy doing in our lives.  With this being said, Project THX 138 will be taking on a different look at the beginning of next year.  I am sad to say that to all of our faithful followers, this will be our LAST UPDATE FOR THIS YEAR, as we will be working on a whole new look for next year's roll-out.  No, the website will NOT go down, nor will it be "Under Construction".  What you are getting is what you will get until the new site comes out, with no hiccups on your current viewing pleasure. 

So, what is the new site going to contain?  The new site will be taking on a lot more new features.  One of the things that we are in the midst of working on at this present time is something that I think you all will greatly enjoy.  This feature is going to be a radio show that will be broadcast through the internet.  We are very excited about taking on this challenge.  We figure that this radio station will bring a lot more pleasure to you as you cruise the internet, surfing for all your Graffiti memorabilia.  This radio station will be done like a 1950's radio broadcast, and will be basically music from the late great '50's and early '60's.  At the present time, we are working on some sponsorships that will help make this radio broadcast a lot more feasible for all of us.  So be prepared for a great sound from the past with vintage and present day commercials which will be ONLY hot rod related!  We are hoping to do at least 1 live show every quarter, and have our radio broadcast put on a continual loop so you will always be able to pick up this little treasure.  If this radio station for the internet has any kind of success like the website for Project THX 138, we're going to be extremely huge!  Not to toot our own horn, but this website keeps picking up more and more steam as we go along.  We started out as the small kids on the block that no one wanted to play with, and have either become the number 1 contender, or the undisputed champion of most popular hot rod sites!  It's amazing when big names, and I will not go into big names, call us!  It makes us feel very proud to know that what we are doing is being done right!  Along with our new look, our classified section will allow you to post a picture of the part you are trying to sell, or that you are looking for.  Also, you will see a streamlined banner of all of our sponsors.  This banner will keep the look of the website very clean, and will have a rotating banner much like the NAM banner; however, there will also be a tag for all sponsors.  We are getting ready to take on a few more sponsors but perhaps a lot more with big names.  Another feature that we are planning to add will be the "CHICKENSHIT" forum!  Basically, this forum will be a hot rod forum that people can either leave comments or start up discussions.  We call it "Chickenshit" because we all know that is what Milner would have filed it under.  This forum can be used to tell us what you would like to see, what you don't like, or if you want to say "Good job" or "Not so good of a job" - it will be your right to post your thoughts and comments on the website.  The only requirement is that you must register before you can leave comments - anonymous comments will not be allowed. 

So, I hope you all look forward to seeing this new look and the future features that will be coming up, along with a lot more new photos. 

The next thing that we would like to talk about in this update is how to become a member of Milner's Mafia.  This feature will be on a button in the future, but for the present time, this is what you have to do to become a member:  To become a member, please send $75 (one time fee) in the form of a money order to Rick Blevins, 7818 Kessler Ln. Overland Park, KS 66204, or you may send your money thru PayPal to  Upon sending your payment, please send an email stating your name, so that we may contact you upon receipt of payment.  Once we receive your payment, you will be notified and asked to send us a username and password.  Upon receiving this information from you, it usually takes a day to get you put into the system, depending upon what time of day and what day of the week you send it to us on.  Nevertheless, you will be added to the log-in roll for the membership site.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

A few last things before we go.  This year we attended the show called Greasorama here in KC.  The Greaseorama was highly promoted thru full page ads in Old Skool Rods (our favorite hot rod magazine.) This show turned out to be a fantastic show.  It was held in the old Boulevard Drive in Kansas City, KS, and had probably 100-150 cars that showed up.  This was the first year to have it at the drive in, and it turned out to be a huge hit.  In fact, I would probably say that next year, the Drive In will probably be packed!  Throughout the day there was live music, and some really bitchin hot rods.  Some of the vendors that were close to us were Custom Automotive and Hollywood Cross.  At night they showed the debut movie of Ed Roth.  This movie was awesome, and was a huge hit that night.  I hope you all can attend next year's event with us.  One of the cool bands that everyone must see is a little local band here in KC called the RumbleJetts.  This band is well worth any money that you would have to pay to see them live; however, if you live far away, on either coast or just too damn far to drive, these guys sell CD's of their music.  I can promise you this - you will not be disappointed.  In fact, this is the type of music that you want to cruise to!  To check out the RumbleJetts, please go to  We hope that anyone in the future who goes to people or to companies buying parts, music, or memorabilia mentions that they heard of them through Project THX 138.  We like our people to know that we here at Project THX 138 recommend them highly.  

Well, I hope we didn't tire you out with all this reading, and I look forward to our future update in January.  As always, I love hearing from you all, and I'm sorry if I do not answer you emails right away, as I do have TONS of them coming in.  Just let it be known that I do try to answer all my emails as fast as I can. 

Well, until next year, please be safe, and keep it between the white lines!

Your Friends at Project THX 138



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