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November 12, 2005

Attention: Members!!

All members please take note of the following:  We are still waiting on many of you to fill out the Membership Information Form.  We are ready to get the shirt order placed, but we are unable to do this until everyone has submitted their form - otherwise, we don't know how many of what sizes to order!  We are going to place an order for shirts on November 23, 2005.  Our next shirt order will be in 6 months, so please get your form to us now!  If your information form is not received before November 23, it will be 6 months before your next opportunity to get your shirt!  We apologize for the delay on our end - it was un-intentional.  After checking with many different shirt suppliers, we have found them at a good price, and we are ready to move forward - once we receive your information!


Man-A-Fre Update

To date, we have only received a handful of submissions for the Man-A-Fre Pre-Orders.  Remember, we MUST have at least 55 pre-orders or we will not proceed with this project.  So, if you were just waiting to see what everyone else was going to do, it's time to get off the bench and step up to the plate!  Remember, we must have 55 pre-orders BEFORE November 20, 2005 or we will permanently shelve this project!  That means that we have 8 more days, guys!  You can click the button at the top of this page to place your pre-order.  Don't let time run out if this is something that you really want!


October 30, 2005 Update

Hello, Once again, all my Graffiti Coupe Fanatics!

Whatever rumors you have been told that we are dead or missing in action - they are all false!  We have been caught up in making the complete traction bar setup to match Milner's Coupe for the last few months; and we have been working on the book - even though it has been very little (due to the time spent on the traction bars), some effort has been put towards the book.  So, this has been the reason for our disappearance for the past few months.

It is hard to believe that something so simple as a traction bar setup would be so hard to make, or should I say, duplicate.  But, because we are so anal on trying to match everything verbatim, it turned out to be one hell of a headache!  So, we figured it was best to let everyone know  that we are still here, and kind of give you an update on what's been happening. In this update, you are going to find out a whole bunch of new stuff, and it's going to be A LOT!  So, kick back in your chair, and get prepared to read for quite a while!

We'll start off with the traction bars.  The traction bars, which have taken up the major portion of our time, are now ready for sale.  These are listed in the Parts Warehouse, click here to view them.  Now, here's the thing, guys.  These may not look like much, but let me assure you, these match the Original Coupe's, and the Original Coupe's is not that much either.  Basically what had to be done in making these traction bars, is that we had to make a factory shock bracket that originally came off of God knows what.  We have been told that it is anything from an old Chevy car to an old Chevy truck - but like I said, God knows what it came off of.  And to tell you the truth, I got tired of looking at millions of shock brackets.  So, keeping that in mind, we had the rear shock bracket duplicated off a prototype that we personally made. From this step, it gets modified from a factory looking bracket into a home-made looking bracket.  Are you confused yet?  If not, you will be! 

This bracket went from a factory, stock bracket, and was welded on in many places.  It had a floor added to it, and it had two side plates welded to the sides of it - which were then welded to the traction bars.  Now, you will notice when you look at the photos in the Parts Warehouse of the traction bars, they are in pieces.  Here, very very soon, you will see these traction bars completely assembled underneath Project THX's first build's project.  These traction bars can be bought in pieces, or as a complete kit.  Keep in mind that the complete kit is the exact same as the Original Coupe's.  So, if you are running a different setup on your Coupe that you are building, these may not look right!  However, if you are building an exact replica, this is what you will want.  You will also notice the price on the complete kits is a lot more than buying it by the piece.  The reason for this is this:  the kits come completely welded together - all you have to do is bolt on the front PSI Hanger, and weld the rear shock bracket to the axle - and that is it.  And, of course, we will give you the dimensions along with your kit, showing where to bolt and weld them on.  So basically for the price of this kit, you are paying us for the time it takes to weld, and heat the metal and bend it to look like Milner's.  Also, a very important note - the back of the brackets where it comes up on the back side of the rear end housing are hand ground, so they are not exact!  Why would we do this?  Because Milner's is done this way.  When we post the pictures of the traction bars complete and hung under Project THX's first build's project, there will also be very detailed photos of the traction bars underneath the Original Coupe - this way you can compare the two.  And, as you will see, we know our shit!  And basically, that's what you're going to pay for. 

Now, something else about the traction bars.  We had originally thought, after going through a process of elimination, that the actual tubing on the car was the PSI Chrome Moly Oval Tubing.  Well, we made a mistake, and it is not.  That's what we get for thinking that since they used the PSI RR6 rear spring hangers and the PSI front hangers, we also assumed they used the PSI tubing.  Now, the correct tubing can be bought at any metal shop.  It is a square tubing, that for some reason, has rounded corners (why this is, we don't know).  The dimensions are 2 1/2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide.  And this will run you around almost $5 per foot. 

Okay.  So now you can run out to your local metal shop and buy the traction bars.  Now, to mount the traction bars in the front, we used a bushing that looks very very similar to a Heim joint, as you can see in the photos.  This bushing has a 3/4 inch shaft.  We had an end cap made for the traction bar, drilled it out for a 3/4 inch hole, and welded a nut on the inside.  We then welded the cap to the traction  bar.  Next, we threaded another nut on the other side (on the shaft), and screwed it into the traction bar, and then tightened the nut on the outside.  The center hole in the middle of the bushing is 5/8.  We therefore drilled a 5/8 inch hole in the PSI front hanger, then just slipped a bolt in and tightened them up.  If you look at Project THX's first builds pictures on this update, you will see the traction bars bolted to the PSI Hangers.

Okay, Now you are saying "Where are we going to get these PSI Front Hangers?"  Well, during our disappearing act, we had these duplicated to 100% accuracy.  These are now available in our Parts Warehouse.  The ones that you buy do not have the hole drilled for the traction bar - since we do not know what everybody wants to run.  The total length of the Original Coupe's traction bars is approximately 38-39 inches.  We will give this on our next update, which will be coming up here in the next week or two, when they are completely installed under Project THX's first build's Project

So.  That covers the traction bars.  A hell of a lot of work for something that doesn't really get noticed!  Just remember, your traction bars should run at a very slight angle down-hill.  It almost looks like they are running straight across, but there is a slight angle.  Trust us on this!

Alright.  Some more really cool news about the Original Coupe!  The wheel base on an original 1932 Ford is 106.5 inches.  Every article that you will read says that the Graffiti car is 106.5 inches as well.  Now, I am here to tell you that it is all bullshit!  Working with the guru, who is one of my partners, Doug Bjorn, Doug informed me that the rear end sets back further on the Original Coupe.  After many, many long discussions and staring at photos until I could no longer see, I took Doug's advice, and set the rear end back.  And I am here to tell you, people, he is correct!  In fact, if you look at the car long enough, it looks like the back of the rear tire is even with the back of the rear fender.  So this is how we set up Project THX's first build's, as you can see in the pictures under Project THX's first build's Project.  The wheel base comes out to be exactly 108 inches by our last measurement.  We will be a little bit more precise with this measurement on the next update. 

Ok.  I know many of you are gathering parts to build your Graffiti Coupe Clone.  I know a lot of you are wanting to build an exact replica, and I know the other half are just trying to get something close.  This is for both parties.  You guys are in for one hell of a ride working on this chassis!  This car is NOT an easy car to build by any means!  I always said that drilling through this chassis is like drilling through granite with a butter knife. And believe me, you will drill, and drill, and drill  - until you never want to see a drill again!  And oh the cussing you will do and the tools you will throw!  How do I know?  I have invented new cuss-words, and I have spent half the night picking up tools from across the garage!  Now, here's a little something else.  For those of you who are just trying to get a little close to Milner's and are not buying the traction bar kits, you cannot just go welding these to the rear end and bolting these to your chassis.  You have to do a little something that all the hot-rodders call getting your chassis to ride height.  This is a very fun process.  In fact, it is so fun, you'll think about scrapping your build of a Graffiti Coupe, and just build a T-Bucket.  If you do not get your car setting at exactly ride height, well, lets just say boys, that it just won't work.  All of this info about how to set your car at ride height will be in our upcoming book.  Remember boys, I said that this was not fun, and I am not lying.

For those of you wanting to build an exact replica, please check out the complete parts list, as changes have been done on this update, and new information has been added - such as correct fuel pump and correct gauges.  Also, for those of you who are just really getting into this car, there are some things that everyone needs to know.  Such as, it has been stated in many articles, countless times that this car remains the same as it was in the movie.  My reply to that is BULLSHIT!!  This car has undergone many subtle changes through its time since the movie to the present time.  We'll start with the obvious.  We know that the tires that are on the Coupe today are different from the ones that are on it in the movie (still 14x6 wheels all the way around).  The firewall, which had the square notch in the movie - now has a half-moon shaped notch today.  The front fenders, which were brought to my attention by one of our members.  In the movie, the front fenders follow the curve of the tire.  Today's fenders follow the curve of the tire, but at the top of the tire, they stick up (thanks, Jeff).  This same member has also stated that the dust caps are chromed in the movie, where today they are painted silver.  The fuel line in the movie ran over the top of the master cylinder.  Today, the fuel line runs at the bottom of the master cylinder.  It has also been noted that the original master cylinder on the Coupe in the movie had the drain plug in the center, but was later changed due to leaking - so now the master cylinder does not have the drain plug. 

Moving on to more news.  You may have noticed our Classifieds section has been closed down for the time being.  At the present time, our site is under construction.  We are trying to figure out a better way to list parts.  We are sorry to say, but this may be closed down until January when we hook up with a new web-hosting service.  But if we can get something figured out before then, we will definitely have it up and going.  Sorry to all who are wanting to list parts - we'll try to have it up as soon as we can. 

The next big item on the agenda is a new auction site.  Please click here to go to this new site.  This auction site is owned and operated by one of our members and good friend, Rich Tringali.  Richie decided to make this new auction site strictly for car guys.  So the only thing that you will find on this auction site is cars or car-related stuff.  Sorry, can't get dishes, dresses, or barbie dolls here!  Richie decided to make this site when he got really screwed over by Ebay.  Basically what happened was, Richie had listed his car for sale on Ebay.  Somehow, someone changed his reserve price to a lot lower price than what Richie was asking for the car.  When Richie figured this out, he contacted Ebay, and Ebay would not do anything about it, and he could not change his reserve price due the amount of time left in the auction.  So, Richie had to pull his auction off the site.  Now, Ebay still made him pay the $81 for listing his car, and would not work with him on re-listing it.  So, that kind of pissed Richie off, and he decided to make his own auction site.  This auction site is set up exactly like Ebay, and is a very very cool site.  Now here's the difference between Richie's site and Ebay.  Ebay makes their money from you listing an item - for which you pay a listing fee.  Then Ebay also makes money when you sell your item by charging a 5% commission.  Now, on Richie's site, you only pay for a listing fee - no commissions here!  Richie is not in this to make a ton of money, he is in this to piss off Ebay, and I hope he succeeds.  Richie has informed me that when he listed his car on Ebay, it cost him $81.  That same fee on his listing site would cost anyone who is a member, $8.50 - that's all you would have to pay for selling a car.  Now, here's something really really cool!  Richie really wants this auction site to be a big success.  And to be a big success, you have to have a lot of members, just like Ebay.  So, Richie has told me that anybody that goes to his site and becomes a member, and tells them that Project THX138 sent them, will automatically be credited $20-$50 in their account - which means that you can list quite a bit of stuff for free!  Remember, you must list us a reference on your application form that you fill out!  You can click here to go Richie's site.  I hope to see you all over there, as from now on, this is where Project THX138 will be selling a lot of stuff, as we too are very tired of paying Ebay's outlandish fees.  To me, it's a bunch of bullshit that you have to pay them a commission - I mean, hell, you've already paid them to list the item - they should be happy with that!  Instead, you get double screwed!  For anyone wanting to see the story between Richie and Ebay, go over to Graffiti Knights (, and Richie has it posted.   I hope we all can make this site a big success! It's just a place for us car nuts to be.

This section here is for members of the Milner's Mafia.  When you log in to the Member's Site, you will see a button that is named "Membership Info Form".  Please click on this button and fill this form out for us.  The reason for this form is I lose track of everybody's information.  This form will be kept on file with our server, so this way I will never have to ask people for shirt size, hat size, etc. etc.  It will also allow me to E-mail out a Milner's Mafia newsletter to everyone, and will let me know when people's birthdays are so we can send out a little something special for all our member's birthdays.  Basically, this is keeping us all a little bit more uniform.  As for the Mafia shirts, we are hoping to order them within the next two weeks.  We are so sorry for the delay on this! Believe us, this was not intention for us to delay this, it is just very easy for us to get side tracked with other projects.  So, please please please fill out this form!  This way, we have everybody's info, and we can make everything right. 

For those of you who like to frequent our site, please check out the Clones tag, as we have some new pictures that might interest you.  A lot of you have been asking me what has become of my project (Rick).  Well, it's kind of like this.  Right now, I am very wrapped up in building Project THX's first build's Project, and very wrapped up in producing the correct parts for everybody to use.  So my car has been pushed to the back burner.  Once Project THX's first build's project is complete, I am going to take a little two month vacation from building (because God knows I need it!!!!).  But once my vacation is up, I am diving back into my car.  Also, I have been asked many many times, "Where can I find an original steel '32 5-window Coupe?"  And, unfortunately, I just don't know.  God knows, they're not sitting on every street corner.  But when you do find one, it seems like you have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you hear the price.  So I have been trying to turn everyone over to my friend Ed over at New Age Motorsports.  But I keep hearing "Oh, but I want steel!"  So, I said to myself, "Self, let's let everyone put their money where their mouth is."  So here it is.  Anybody wanting to purchase my body, which comes with header panel, firewall, doors, deck lid, and dash - can do so for the price of $8500 cash.  And then I will turn around and buy a New Age Motorsport body!  Is my body perfect?  Absolutely not!  Does it need work?  You Betcha!  But then again, it is an original 1932 Ford!  Yes, the car has been chopped 3 inches.  And, yes, you will spend quite a bit of money getting it road-worthy.  I'm just stating the facts, but if you're a wantin' a steel car, this is a very fair price.  So now, you know where I stand.  I still believe that the New Age Motorsports bodies are much more superior and road-worthy than the original steel ones.  If I did not think so, then mine would not be up for sale.  But for those of you who still want steel - here's your chance!  First Come, First Serve!  You can view pictures of my body under Project THX's first build's Project (I am using my body as a mock up for Project THX's first build's Project). 

Graffiti Header Update.  We should have in our hands this month (November), a set of original Graffiiti Coupe style headers.  As soon as we get these, they will be posted on this site for sale.  We are selling these for the guy who is making them - we make no money or profit of any kind on these.  Talking about selling stuff, you will also notice in the Parts Warehouse, a few new items for sale.  These are just a few items that we had lying around.  On there, you will find one set of Vintage Arrow 775-H headlight buckets.  You will also find the original mirror hanger with blue garter.  And a 1961 Chevy truck bellhousing. 

I have had a lot of E-mails and phone calls within the last two months about the Graffiti Coupe's bellhousing.  So I am going to let everyone know that the Ansen bellhousing that you see on Project THX's first build's Project is not the correct bellhousing that is on the Original Coupe.  However, it looks very much like it!  The Original Coupe had a '62, '63, '64? Corvette cast iron two-piece stock bellhousing.  The bottom cover or belly pan, is NOT installed on the Original Coupe.  This bellhousing has the dog ears, which is a transmission mount.  Here's the thing.  If you run either the Corvette or the Ansen bellhousing, you will have to run a bracket that was made by Ansen to mount your slave cylinder.  These brackets are very very rare, and very very expensive.  Just for the brackets alone expect to pay $300-$500.  For the bellhousing, it can go from $75-$500 itself, because it was a Corvette.  On our next update, I will list the correct stock number on the bellhousing.  Now, with the 1961 Chevy truck bellhousing, it is a two-piece cast iron one - but there are two differences.  The first difference is that the clutch fork is on the right side of the bellhousing instead of the left.  And the last difference is that is had a mounting cast into the bellhousing for the slave cylinder.  If you look at the one I have for sale, it has a brand new bottom cover/belly pan, and a brand new slave cylinder already attached to the bellhousing.  Is this bellhousing 100% correct? No.  But it gives you a lot cheaper alternative in completing your car.  Remember, no one ever sees this item. 

Some things that will be coming up here in the very near future for sale, as I know from your E-mails and phone calls that you guys love knowing what's coming up in our Parts Warehouse.  There will be the brace for the bottom of the K-Member (when this item comes up for sale, we will go into more detail about it) and both versions of the firewall inserts made of aluminum.  The inserts will be made of pretty thick aluminum, probably 1/8 inch thick, as this piece has to be sturdy so as not to bend when things are bolted to it.  Also, look for both versions of the front fenders.  Front fenders will be sold either with brackets or without, as we know that some of you guys run a different brake setup from the one that was on the movie car - this will allow you to make your own bracket.  We will also soon be offering the second alternator bracket for sale.  This alternator bracket is the bottom bracket, which bolts to the bottom of the alternator and to the Hurst U-Cradle mount.  This bracket can be seen in the Correct Parts Photos.  This bracket originally came off of an original 1969 Camaro 396.  From my understanding, these are quite rare, but have no fear - they will be duplicated 100%, like the rest of our treasures.  Prices on everything just mentioned have not yet been determined, but will be posted when the item is done.  We still have to figure out production costs and so forth.  The carb scoops, which we have mentioned before in the past, have been setting on  a back burner, and probably will not be produced until the first part of next year, unless something changes between now and December. 

Now, talk about producing stuff.  THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME THAT WE MENTION THIS!!!  This is a ONE TIME DEAL, and if it does not happen, then it will NEVER happen by us - you will be on your own!  The item that we are talking about is the very elusive Man-A-Fre Intake.  Since our last update, I have been hounded by E-mail and phone calls from people wanting a Man-A-Fre Intake.  Here's the thing, guys.  The process of making this intake is extremely expensive.  So, if it is going to be done, it will be done like this.  Since we cannot handle the full cost of producing these intakes, we are willing to pay for half.  For us to do this, we need 55 pre-orders on these intakes.  How this will happen is like this.  At the top of this page, there will be a button that says Man-A-Fre Pre-Order Form.  If you want a Man-A-Fre, fill this form out - BUT, by filling this form out, you are saying 100% without a doubt that you are buying one.  If you don't think that you can afford one, DO NOT fill this form out.  If you are tire kicker, do not fill this form out.  If you are just a wishful thinker, do no fill this form out!  This is ONLY for the serious!  Once this form has been filled out and sent to us, and we reach the number of 55, we will then send you an E-mail stating that we have reached our minimum order number.  You will have two weeks from the time of this E-mail to send in your payment, which will be the full cost of $350. Once everyone sends their money in - and like I said, you have two weeks - the process starts on the intakes, and within 8-10 weeks, you will have a brand new Man-A-Fre intake.  For those of you not wanting to purchase an intake right away, and are just waiting for them to go into production, you need to be aware that AFTER the initial 55 orders, the price will jump from $350 to $475.  So those of you jumping on the band wagon now will save an extra $75.  Will there be any differences from the original intake to the re-manufactured intake?  The answer is YES!  Is it anything that you will see by the naked eye?  The answer is NO!  The differences on  the new, re-manufactured intakes are:  1.  The letters and numbers on the original intakes were glued on - yes, GLUED on!  The re-manufactured intakes will have these cast into the intake itself.  2.  The new, re-manufactured intakes will be of a consistent thickness throughout the intake, which will make it weigh slightly more than the original.  This needs to be done to keep problems from occurring in the future with your new intake.  As those with Original Man-A-Fre's know, they get holes in them - this stops that process!  Third and final difference is where the aluminum is poured in on the intake.  To tell you the truth, if I did not tell you this, you would never know.  But it will be poured in from a different location - and believe me, this is not noticeable at all, unless you really really know intakes and the casting procedures.  So, there you have it.  The new intakes will look exactly like the originals, only better made.  Yes, they say Man-A-Fre, Atlanta GA, with the patent number on them.   These will look 100% the same as the original!  So, this being said, if this is to happen, it happens this time - not next month, not next year, NEVER, EVER AGAIN!!  You will have until November 20 to have this form filled out to have this intake.  If we do not reach the 55, no more intakes!  A word to the wise!  We really don't care if we produce these or not!  All the partners of Project THX138 already have an original Man-A-Fre, so it is no big deal to us if these are produced or not.  It is just up to you, our customers.

The last item people have been hounding me about is the original Coupe's Steering Wheel.  This item is pretty rare, and pretty damn hard to find.  We do not know for certain who made this steering wheel, but to the best of our knowledge, it was made by a company called Covico.  We have tried duplicating the steering wheel, but it seems that our friends at Grant Steering Wheel will not put on the vinyl coating around the steering wheel.  Yes, we had everything else lined up except the coating, and I guess Grant just thinks they are too good for us.  So at this present time, the steering wheel will not be re-produced, unless we can convince Grant to coat them for us.  The steering wheel that you will be seeing in the Parts Warehouse is NOT FOR SALE!!  This item has already been sold to our friend Easy Ed over at New Age Motorsports.  This steering wheel was owned by one of our partners, Project THX's first build.  As he had two of them, and really figured he only needed one for his car.  However, the horn cap on the steering wheel IS for sale, and this is our last one!  This is an exact duplicate of what is on the Original Coupe, and at this present time, this is the only one left, as these have went pretty much like hot-cakes!  This horn cap was custom made by our partner Doug Bjorn, and he did one hell of a job!

After mentioning this, this brings me to the next bit of information for you.  We will be working with ol' Easy Ed over at New Age Motorsports in the process of building Graffiti Coupe turn-key cars.  Now, take this to heart.  These cars probably will not be available until late 2006, or somewhere in 2007.  These Coupes will probably cost up to $75,000 depending on the accuracy that you would want.  REMEMBER, these are not easy to build, and the parts are very rare!  So, at this present time, PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER CONTACTING NEW AGE MOTORSPORTS ABOUT ORDERING A COUPE YET!!  Because, as I have stated, this project is not up and running yet.  And, basically, it will be on Project THX138's shoulders to get the right parts made for everyone's coupe.  And as you can tell from the traction bar fiasco, this can be a very time consuming process.

Please bear with the photos that are in the parts warehouse and various other areas of our site, as we are going to be re-doing a bunch of them. As you have probably noted, we are in the process of re-vamping our site to make it a little more user-friendly.  We were sorry to see the THX 138 tags go, but hey, I think you'll agree, this format does work and look a lot better.  As always, thanks for your patience and your loyalty!

Well, I guess this update is going to finally draw to an end.  We will try not to be so long with our next update, but remember, if you don't hear from us, we are working on this car and parts for you.

Until next time, happy hot-rodding,
The Guys from Project THX 138.

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