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Original American  Graffiti Coupe Photos

Disclaimer:  All of the photos on this page have been collected from various emails, miscellaneous webs sites, or other American Graffiti Unofficial web sites.  We cannot therefore verify copyright information on these photos.  Photos will be added on a regular basis as we come across them.  Project thx138 respects the rights of any copyright holder, and will remove any photos or other works that are deemed to have been copyrighted at the request of the copyright holder or as soon as we are made aware of any existing copyright.

New Found Photos of the Coupe


     The photos in our first gallery were contributed by one of our fans.  Thanks for your contribution!





     The photos in our second gallery were contributed by Tom Dercole.  Thanks for your contribution!


     The photos in our next gallery were found on the web and through various emails.


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