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July 11, 2005 Update

Well, here is another update for you!  This is just stuff that we thought you might like to know.  We will be doing periodic updates to this Non-Members site. 

For those of you who missed it, membership cut-off was July 1.  We will be  periodically accepting new members, but only every 6-12 months. Look for our  membership announcement and instructions for what to do if you want to become a member.  Members can log in by clicking here.

We are proud to announce to the public our first reproduction part.  The Parts Warehouse has been updated with photos and the prices for our reproduction Hurst Side Motor Mounts and Anti-Chatter Rods.  These were modeled after the original mounts produced in the '60's.  These are going fast, but we can always have more produced in a short period of time, as our fabrication shop is local.  Please email us with any questions, and let us know how many sets you would like to purchase.  We will provide you with a shipping cost and how to send payment.  We are currently working on many, many new products, which will be releasing over the coming weeks/months.  Keep checking back to see what is new!

Thanks again, and keep her between the white lines!

Happy Hot-Rodding!

The Guys at Project THX138

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