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American Graffiti Coupe Body
by New Age Motorsports

Alright, guys!  If you are looking for a 32 Ford 5-Window for your Graffiti project, have I got a place for you to checkout!  We all know that vintage steel 32's are not sitting on every street corner, and if you are lucky enough to find one, it has big $$$ all over it.  So that leads us to a fiberglass body.

What!!?  FIBERGLASS!!??  HEY NOW!  We all know these things are way wrong to get that true 32 look. NOT  NOW!!     

Let me tell you guys what I have found, and who I have talked to!  First of all, the name of the company is New Age  Motorsports, and they have the perfect 100% Graffiti Coupe Body for you!! 

This is what the coupe intails:

1.    3 inch chop
2.    Working cowl vent
3.    Swing out windshield
4.    Rear roll down window
5.    Stock hinges
6.    All glass already installed
7.    All door latches already installed with doors already installed
8.    Stock DRIP RAILS!!
9.    Stock firewall
10.    Graffiti bobbed rear fenders
11.    Front Graffiti cycle fenders
12.    4 inch chopped grille shell
13.    Stock dash
14.    Garnish moldings already installed

This is it guys!!  If you know me, then you know how ANAL I AM on this Coupe, and I'm telling you, you have to check this out!  So give them a call at 203-268-1999, or visit them at  If you call them, ask for Ed.  Ed is one of the nicest guys around, and he will answer all your questions - and tell him Rick from projectthx138 sent you.  Now take a look below to see NewAge Motorsports 32 5-window!

The owners of N.A.M., Ed & Chris Ostrosky are pleased to announce the purchase of the fiberglass mold division of Flatlander's inc.! The bodies offered are, 1932 and 1934 Ford "American Graffiti" style coupe which is chopped 3", top is filled, exposed original style handles, hinged and latched trunk lid with inside release, wooded interior for upholstery, dashboard and garnish rails, recessed firewalls with reveals and full one piece floor. The cowl will accept original lacing. The cowl is filled or with vent. All the other nuances are there, making them one of the most correct looking bodies on the market today. These fabulous bodies were taken from original steel bodies made by Henry.

Our unique bodies include the original driprails on our stock height and 3" chopped 5 window coupes and a tubular inner structure with all bodies we sell.

Ed's New Fiberglass Body (Project THX's first build's Project) - March 2006



NAM's New Stock 1932 Firewall




501 Pepper Street
Monroe, CT 06468

Above pictures are Copyright 2005New Age Motorsports, used by permission

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