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American Graffiti Coupe
Parts by Speedway Motors

Here is a list of parts and part numbers from Speedway Motors.  These parts will match the Graffiti Coupe's 100%.  If the parts came in chromed, stainless or plain steel, I chose the part number for stainless.  If the part only came in chrome or plain steel, I chose plain steel due to the fact that you can get your parts to look better if you have them chrome plated yourself.  Don't forget, if you order any of these parts, tell them Rick from Project thx138 sent you! 

To order these parts, click here:, or call them at 402.323.3200

Part Description Part Number Price
T-Style Fuel Block - 4 Outlet 550-6152 12.95
Front U-Bolt  Kit 916-33006 29.95
Spring Perches 910-33047 39.95
Early Ford Arm 720-4010 19.95
41-48 Chevy Tail Lamp Assembly (Right Hand) 911-37042-R 19.95
41-48 Chevy Tail Lamp Assembly (Left Hand) 911-37042-L 19.95
Ribbed Headlight Brackets 910-61005 39.95
Nostalgia Steering Column Drop 560-5141 36.95
Stainless Steel Radiator Support Rods 911-34001 22.95
32 Ford Repro Rails 916-57007 599.95
32 Cross Bars, Stainless 916-57017 44.95
Chrome Cowl Vent Handle 911-39331 14.95
Cowl Vent Kit 910-54700 49.95
32 Ford Outside Door Handles (Specify LH or RH) 751-B70235 24.95 ea
Handle Pad for 32 Ford Closed Car 751-B702356BS 1.95 pr
Universal Bolt-Through Cushion Kit 720-9314 17.95 pr
Short and Tall Chrome Wire Holders - Tall 720-9097 3.95 pr
Short and Tall Chrome Wire Holders - Short 240-6052 4.75 pr
Chrome Valve Cover Wing Nuts - Butterfly Style 550-1390 1.45 ea
Oil Breather Tube 910-17441 3.95
Oil Breather Cap 550-2060 5.95

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